Getting your identity back now this is a big one for us mums, who are out there and they want to start their own business. They don’t want to go back to their corporate job or they don’t want to go back to their other job.

They want to be home with the kids. You do lose a lot of your identity along the way and especially now that we all celebrate Mother’s Day and all that sort of thing. Taking time out and thinking what it is you really want in your life, yes you want to be there for the kids but you still want to have your own identity.

That is the best thing about working in the direct selling/ network marketing industry. You can earn some awesome income as well as be there all the time for your family. The Internet has opened up the world to what possibilities there are out there and what you can do with anything you want and how to earn money.

It’s just incredible the things that are out there now that you can really benefit from and you can get that identity back. All of us mums want to earn some extra income so that we feel like we are contributing and especially as a single mother you know you really want to make sure that you are doing the best for you and your children.  This way you are still earning an income, raising your children and it fills your cup. So that’s what we really want to look at is making sure that you have filled your cup and getting your own identity and making sure that you are looked after.


  1. Fill your cup up.
  2. Hang around others that have got your back.
  3. Be yourself, be awesome and be worthy.
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