When it comes to public relations, marketing and the media – Linda Reed-Enever is the quintessential “go to girl”.

Linda not only understands publicity but lives and breathes it, connecting people and ideas through her PR Company ThoughtSpot PR, her highly successful media agency, Media Connections, and her innovative online business community Business Business Business.

From corporate communications to the needs of small business and entrepreneurs, Linda has a comprehensive understanding of storytelling and promotions, message crafting, the media and how to work with it. Linda has worked with businesses of all sizes creating concise and captivating messages to have their voice heard. Her realm stretches from the big players to the small start-ups looking to have their story told.

This furnishes Linda with a unique perspective of the needs and challenges of business, small and large, in a new-age media world, where the message is just as important as its method of delivery. It also gives her an intricate knowledge of how the modern media, in its traditional, social and online forms, works.

Linda boasts over 15 years experience in the corporate world. Before branching into her own successful businesses, she began her career in sales and marketing, working with leading organisations such as Drake, RSL Com and Optus.

Since starting her own companies, her “can do” attitude, ability to think on her feet and innate skill at networking have seen her positioned as a leader in the communications and marketing arena. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she inspires and motivates as she connects people with opportunity.

Linda’s passion for communication and her understanding of business’ needs has also seen her launch an online community to connect people – Business Business Business.  This innovative online group offers positive support to business owners and entrepreneurs, providing a judgement-free arena to share their stories, experience and a host of resources.

Linda Reed-Enever is available to share her expertise about business marketing, publicity and the modern media, and to provide an insight into Business Business Business.

For further information or to arrange an interview with the PR and Marketing “go-to girl”, please contact;

Linda Reed-Enever at linda@lindareedenever.com.au or on 0433 149 319.

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