While there is a multitude of gifts that you can send your mum on this special day to show your appreciation, the Flying Doctor Mother’s Day Gift of Support is a gift that saves lives.

Honour your mum this Mother’s Day by supporting other mums and babies in remote and rural communities. With the message that “it’s the thought that counts” you can purchase a Mother’s Day card or make a donation in lieu of a gift to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The Gift of Support is a charitable way to celebrate life and support Aussie mums and bubs in the bush faced with medical challenges while honouring your own mother.

Whether it’s a premature arrival in the most remote of areas, or a seriously ill toddler needing emergency care from specialist staff – the Flying Doctor have been there when Aussie mums like Debbie Storey have needed them most.

Debbie is mum to toddler Hallie who 4 years ago was born in a small Western Australian town with her arteries flowing the wrong way. Without open heart surgery, she had only weeks to live. The nearest specialists were 3000 km’s away in Melbourne.

Living in a small regional Australian town mum Debbie still recalls, “It was shocking and heartbreaking – just a living nightmare.”

Debbie recalls vividly that at just 11 days old her tiny baby was flown to Melbourne from Western Australia in a fully equipped Royal Flying Doctor plane with an expert medical crew.

“How do you thank someone for that?” Debbie said, “We will be forever grateful to the RFDS and its supporters. They gave us the gift of hope.”

Hallie is a healthy, happy 3 1/2-year-old today, with a surgery scar she calls her “brave”. Her family point to other Flying Doctor planes they see and tell her “there’s a little baby in there like you being taken care of by nurses and doctors.”

The Flying Doctor saved baby Hallie’s life and continues to help other children in remote Australia. As a charity, it needs the support of Australian’s to continue to offer this vital service.

This Mother’s Day purchase a Mother’s Day card for $30 or make a donation in lieu of a gift to send a message of hope and help to mums who call on the Flying Doctor services. Not only is the card personalised with your own greeting, it also shares the story of how precious cargo like baby Hallie is made comfortable with the donation you’ve given on her behalf.

Honour your mum by donating in her name today at   https://www.flyingdoctor.org.au/vic/mum/

At a glance info:-

Royal Flying Doctor Mother’s Day gift of support

  1. Buy a $30 Mother’s Day card or make a donation in lieu of a gift
    Jump on-line and purchase a Mother’s Day card or make a donation in lieu of a gift
  2. Provide us with your mum’s details
    The Royal Flying Doctor Service will send her a card (or to you if you prefer) with a Mother’s Day message plus a description of how your donation helps the Flying Doctor save lives.
  3. Help keep the Flying Doctor flying
    The card or donation you give represents a tax deductible donation to the RFDS. Your gift goes toward the work of the Flying Doctor.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service

Since 1928, the Royal Flying Doctor Service has grown to provide over 64,600 patient transports in 2015 with its 66 aircraft and a range of Primary Health Care services that has conducted 161,000 health clinics throughout Australia

Hallie’s story

Now a thriving pre-schooler Hallie’s story was originally shared on Ch7 National News 4 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z5m9ZA4mLQ and https://vimeo.com/153338353

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