Brands and Businesses that work their way with technology come up really strong and create a brilliant opportunity for them to increase the productivity of their workforce.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve witnessed a lot of ups and downs in the technological sector, and now we’re ready for another change!  We’re talking about the Visitor Management software

Visitor Management Solution that helps businesses create customised questions to trace important health information helps businesses in remaining compliant with frequently changing government guidelines and regulations. An Aussie payments app ‘i-Pay is automating this process by providing FREE Visitor Management software to companies who get associated with i-Pay. 

They offer Contactless Check-in, which is very important during COVID-19. They have developed a QR based management system that allows the visitor to check-in with just scanning the QR outside your store. It’s simple and most importantly it’s FREE. It’s an easy 4 step process mentioned:

It’s super simple. Here is how it works:

  1. The Visitors Scans the QR outside your store and enters your Venue on Hospo Safe Registration form.
  2. The visitor enters their information and clicks next.
  3. They get an OTP on their smartphone, enter the OTP and submit the form
  4. The visitor is good to go.

This is it. Simple, Fast and Secured.

“Since I have a few visitors coming into my store and I need to keep a record of them using pen and paper and then keep cleaning the pen with sanitisers, it has become very frustrating for me to manage it all. I cannot afford paying one person wages just to keep the record of the visitors. At the same time I cannot afford to pay $89/month fees for a software where the data is owned or saved on a server in the US or Canada and not sure how they manage my customer database.” a local business owner said. 

“During COVID with all these ridiculous changes on regulation overnight, my business didn’t generate enough revenue for me to manage costs. So, I tried i-Pay’s Hospo Safe for a few days and at first I thought it was in-app purchases or a restricted number of visits, then I will be charged. I happened to be wrong and it is totally free during a pandemic and I personally believe it is great. I will definitely use it after COVID and will pay if needed.” – a local business owner told us

CEO David Meyer says “When this can be done at such a low cost, why do you want to pay a hefty amount of fees to these parasites?”

“Because of Hospo Safe, I can open my store and at least run my operations as managing visitors manually would be a challenging task. With i-Pay’s Hospo Safe I get visitor details on my dashboard.”  – a general store owner.

It is relatively significant to know that i-Pay doesn’t limit to visitor management services; i-Pay is a digital payments app. It is streamlining the payment process for small businesses and individuals. You can visit i-Pay at 

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