More than 70% of Aussies use digital payments in their day to day life. As per World Bank, Australians over the age of 15 have a bank account; the digital shift in Australia is tremendous as cheques’ usage has almost ended in the past ten years.

The thing that bothers them most is that all significant payments apps are from other countries. There is NO MAJOR Australian Payments App. The transactions you all are doing are benefiting the United States or the Western Countries and not Australia.

We use our mobile wallets for paying for mobile recharge or electricity bills, or be it any other bill, paying at the store, paying at the gas station we are using e-wallets to pay for almost everything.

We are going cashless, and with the sheer advancement in technology, we’re expecting to hit an amount of US$103,866m in total transaction value by the end of 2024, which is total annual growth (CAGR 2020-2024) of 17.9%

Having said all of that, i-Pay, an Australian Payments App, looks to transform the way payments are made in Australia.

With its easy to use interface, i-Pay Australia is already making significant inroads in the digital payments sector. The fascinating part about i-Pay is that you get a cashback just for adding money into your wallet; isn’t it amazing?

Not just about cashback, i-Pay Australia benefits a customer in numerous ways, be it the rewards points they give, fantastic discounts on online purchases or in-store purchases. They are literally changing the way payments are made.

Not to forget the part that when you spend more, you get rewarded more. You receive points on every top-up you do. These points help you unlock crowns, and with these crowns, you stand a chance to avail extra benefits. The more you spend, the more you Save. An all-in-one app for your payment hassles. 

i-Pay Australia has helped the hospitality sector immensely by providing Contactless QR Codes for customers to order from the restaurant/café and pay directly from that QR. Zero Contact Dining Made Possible

Not only the Hospitality Sector but also i-Pay Australia serves in all sectors across all the industries. An Australian Owned Payments App. The transactions you all make will benefit Australia and not some Western Country.

What are you waiting for? Register your business on i-Pay now 

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