Young_Business_Girl-46Media Connections is all about connecting business and media together in the one place. We pride ourselves on being the place where story ideas, media and publicity meet.

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We connect you with stories, reviews, sources and giveaway opportunities through the Available for Interview, The Press Room, and our Review & Giveaway directories.

You will work directly with our members by contacting them via the details in their profile or media release.

We are currently publishing releases up to 5 times a day, 5 days a week.  Subscribe to our Journalist Alerts via Email or RSS to get the news as it happens.

For Businesses and PR’s

We connect you with the media though our four online directories:

  • The Press Room
  • Available For Interview
  • Reviews and Giveaways

We also offer PR and Marketing resources via the Resource Room and Media Store, and we have recently introduced the Media & Marketing Directory to help you find the services you need.

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Connect your business with the media via our release distribution directories.

We offer two tiers of membership for business owners and PR Teams to connect with the media.

News Source - As a News Source Member you have access to submit to our Press Room and Reviews & Giveaways areas.

These are the places where journalists and bloggers actively seek the latest stories, releases, products and prizes to profile in their newspapers, magazines, broadcast media and websites.

News Source Plus - For the full VIP treatment, become a News Source Plus Member. Receive all the benefits of a News Source Membership plus access to submit profiles to Available for Interview where you can highlight your expertise as a source. In addition, you also get access to our key dates calendar full of release ideas.

All Media Connections members receive their own newsroom and member-only alerts from journalists seeking a story or source.

To support your PR efforts you also have access to our Facebook page with industry tips and brainstorming ideas, along with a weekly media prompt with ideas for from our team.

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Let us connect you with your next story with our sources, releases, review opportunities and more.

Media Connections offers journalists access to breaking news, stories and talent in the once convenient place.

Our easy-to-use site and automatic alerts allow you to quickly connect with talent, fresh angles, interesting content, prizes and review opportunities.

As a journalist you can peruse our broad range of industries and find media releases, quickly view the latest news or subscribe to our Journalist Alerts for automatic news notifications.

Fed directly to you via Email, Journalist Alerts put breaking news in the palm of your hand as you are notified of new releases, interviews, reviews and giveaway opportunities tailored to fields and specifications that are relevant to your news outlet or round.

Media professionals can also reach out to our members directly, calling out for talented spokespeople or fresh information via our Media Opportunity Alert.

We provide you with the ultimate platform to easily connect with your next story.

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