Business owners and professional service providers have adapted and changed the way they have conversations to generate leads, develop business and build relationships during these unprecedented times of  CoVid-19 restrictions.   By successfully utilizing technology, face to face…or “in real time” networking conversations have moved to the online space enabling them to stay connected with new and existing suppliers, referrers, clients and friends .

Melbourne business, Your Time Matters  moved their business networking events online, after 7 years of running face to face events.  Since  March 2020, they have found that they have been able to successfully continue to support their community in building relationships, knowledge and business by regularly engaging online.  Participants  who have found themselves stuck in Malaysia, or unable to travel from Geelong, Brisbane, and Gippsland have been able to participate and benefit from valuable insights whilst sitting  in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

To build a business network online, participants need to be mindful of the following-

  1. Listen carefully and actively engage. Make a note of participants names and business. So you can follow up via LinkedIn or social media and explore possible synergies.
  2. Be of value. Look out for opportunities for others when you are reading posts on social media, or the myriad of emails that come into your Inbox and forward relevant articles or pointers to  your network, it just takes a quick email or call.
  3. Know, like and trust do not happen overnight. By connecting online through various avenues you are continuing to strengthen existing relationships and even open up new ones.
  4. Remember, online you can still contribute your experience and knowledge without expecting anything in return. Now is a particularly good time to help others and they will appreciate it.
  5. Networking requires you to put in effort and not just sit back and expect business to come to you. If you want to build your business, do not use the current restrictions as an excuse.
  6. Currently, you have more time to  follow up and follow through when you offer assistance. Make the most of the opportunity to have a conversation, even if online.
  7. Build your brand and make connections regularly by attending the same networking events. If you are to wait several months to re-establish your connections, you will have wasted time.

Kerryn Powell, the founder of Your Time Matters and The Network Catalyst says “Connection is a core need and now more than ever, business need the opportunity to share their challenges, experiences and even wins. There has been no better time to start conversations and seek  new opportunities, but also show some “heart” and nurture existing relationships online and then catch up again in person when restrictions are lifted.   Conversations do open doors, and relationships are the key, so why not build them now.”


For further information or to arrange an interview contact:

Kerryn Powell, founder of Your Time Matters and The Network Catalyst.

on 0414 856 616

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