The world is coming to Australia as the second wave of the COVID virus hit many countries. Countries like the USA, Germany, Italy, Belgium and many are facing a tremendous wave of this deadly virus and are almost on the verge of being under lockdown. 

Victoria has done tremendously well in the number of cases, with almost no cases in Victoria. Truly we’re performing way better than most of the other countries across the globe and thus this is leading to people moving towards Australia. 

With people, there are chances of an increase in the number of cases. It thus becomes so mandatory to have a visitor check-in software to keep a track of all the visitors coming to your store. As per the law, every business owner must have a visitor-tracking software to keep a check of all the visitors entering their premises.

“I pay as high as $100/month to install a software to track my visitors. The business doesn’t make money and the overhead expenses are increasing. We cannot even ignore it because it is a matter of safety. “

A frustrated business owner mentioned this to us. 

This is the case of a lot of small business owners and managers. This is where i-Pay Australia helps the business to keep a track of their visitors for FREE. 

Yes, you heard it right. Managing your visitors has never been so easy before. All you need to do is sign up as a merchant on i-Pay and get your QR designed. Not just Visitor Registry, i-Pay Australia facilitates digital payments, accept payments easily on your store, you can generate quick invoices/quotes, 24/7 settlement into your bank account, get all in one POS device, integrate payment gateway into your app or website, you can also accept delivery takeaway and dine-in orders, book same day or future delivery courier and so much more. 

An Aussie App for a True Aussie. They make your life so much easier. 

“Initially, when they started out their services I was a bit hesitant to believe in their system but now my store runs easily because of their QR Registry System. The visitor scans the QR outside my store, enters their details and shows me the green pass. That is how easy it is.” 

A local Melbourne business owner. 

You can check out i-Pay here and signup as a merchant to receive all the above services. 


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