A Brisbane migration firm is shaking up the industry with the creation of an online academy that teaches people in love how to navigate the confusing maze that is the partner visa application process on their own, saving young couples thousands of dollars.

With the government fee alone at $7,000 a pop and representation fees averaging $4,000 and upwards, Emma Drynan, founder of The Partner Visa Academy said couples end up either in debt or struggling to put the application together on their own.

Emma said their profession has seen the Department of Home Affairs taking an ever-increasing hardline approach when it comes to the migration program “It has never been a more important time for visa applicants to have some level of support. “People can’t afford to get this wrong, if people are forced to DIY it’s important they’re provided with at least some level of support. Couples in love deserve the best chance of success when it comes to a partner visa”.

“We’re giving couples who may otherwise go without, the opportunity to have some level of support with what a very stressful and confusing process can be.

“The problem is, in an effort to save money, but to understand how to go about putting their application together, people go to forums and social media to get help from well meaning people. Unless they are a migration agent, that advice can damage a couple’s application.”

Emma has embraced new technology, automation and the intellectual property of her own migration firm to provide an innovative platform to step couples through the application process, reducing the risk of getting it wrong.

“Partner Visa Academy may go ‘against the grain’ as migration agents would prefer couples use their services. But as I see it, if a couple can’t afford our services then it’s still important they have some level of support,” she said.

“You have to get it right from the beginning and this service will step you through how to do that.”

Partner Visa Academy will save couples thousands and potentially reduce the time the lovers are apart.

“If people get the application wrong, not only are they out thousands of dollars but a poorly prepared application can add years to the time the couple are separated,” Ms Drynan said.

“They have to put their life together on hold and live with uncertainty.”

Ms Drynan said the Department of Home Affairs enquiry line is not there to assess over the phone if the couple should be lodging a partner visa nor are they there to teach people how to do the application. “Their primary role is to process and assess the application. If you forget or miss something, in most cases it is too bad,” she said.

“If the application is refused or you have to do the application again. That is another $7,000 or nearly two years of uncertainty on appeal.”

Partner Visa Academy launches February 14.


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