Kathleen Jordan is a very grateful stroke survivor who can provide a first hand, personal account of her journey back from a severe and life threatening stroke.

With writer Vicki Steggall, Kathleen has written a book about her journey and insight into how powerful advocacy, family support, determination and gratitude can help deliver better health outcomes.

Her book, Standing Up! My Story of Hope, Advocacy & Survival after Stroke, will not only give hope to other stroke survivors and their loved ones, but anyone who has experienced major trauma, particularly by families who are feeling under-supported by medical limitations.

Kathleen was a successful businesswoman and international leadership coach running her own business and a 16-year board member of the Bionics Institute until she suffered a massive stroke in 2011.

In her book she shares many inspirational strategies for people suffering any trauma including a stroke, on how to help get through them.

Kathleen is an inspiration and the strategies she recommends in her book will make a significant contribution to achieving resilience and happiness through reframing issues and being grateful for life, for anyone suffering a trauma of any kind.

Quote: “There are numerous lessons for every reader in this accessible, emotional and raw story of triumph over adversity. Kathleen is a heroine and her story must be read,” Professor James Angus AO, President, National Stroke Foundation

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