sara_keliSara Keli is the Editor of Kid Magazine, the online magazine for mums with style. Currently expecting her first child due December 2013, Sara lives in Sydney with her husband Peter and their two dogs and one cat. Life is a little crazy in the Keli household but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you love about the media?

Media has evolved so much in recent years and technology presents so many opportunities for interaction with readers through social media and blogs. I love that media is a conversation that anyone can join and have their say. From the best beauty products to the political landscape of the day, information is out there for the taking.

What was your first job?

Throughout Uni I worked in various fashion and music/book retail roles at Glassons, Myer and Borders. I learnt a lot about customer service, presentation and building relationships. Oh, and the staff discounts didn’t hurt!

How did you start you career?

I started my career in Human Resources and it was only two years ago that the opportunity to purchase Kid Magazine came about that I made the move into media. I started with zero knowledge of anything media related other than a love of reading magazines and I have paved my own path.

Who has influenced your career and why?

I have had so many people influence my career in different ways from my parents to friends and colleagues. I was once given advice from a mentor that a career isn’t just one ladder but many and the trick is in jumping from one ladder to the next, building experience along the way and taking it with you when you make the next jump. This has really been what I have built my career on with so many diverse experiences that have each led to completely different opportunities.

Who inspires you in the Media?

Carrie Bickmore is such a great role model for young women and is doing fantastic things in her career.  I also love seeing women doing awesome things for other women and there are some cool ladies in the blogging world making a difference. Clare Lancaster’s Women in Business ( is one of these, as is Julia Bickerstaff’s The Business Bakery (

What are three tools you couldn’t do your job without and why?

My iPhone, iPad and Kettle. Who doesn’t love a cup of tea, or three.

What is your Media/Marketing Pet Peeve?

I am honest and genuine when dealing with people and get peeved when the same isn’t reciprocated.

What is the media moment that you are most proud of?

The launch of our first issue last December. We made the decision to evolve Kid Magazine from a fashion and beauty blog to a monthly online publication and it was the best decision I have made.

Is there anyone you would like to say thank you to?

My husband has been an amazing support to me through the Kid Magazine journey so far. He brings me back to earth when my vision gets a bit out of control but at the same time helps me find ways to make my crazy ideas a reality.

How can people find you?

On the Kid Magazine website, our facebook page or my new favourite social media

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