On Monday 26th of October, a day after with 0 cases in Melbourne Andrews government announced the reopening of the State on Wednesday 28th of October 2020. Sanyu of Two Hands Rooftop Bar (https://twohandsbar.com.au) gets on social media and encourages people to visit her store.

“Please come and enjoy your time during Pandemic, we are opening up in Two days and lots of good safety measures in Place to check-in, make an order contactless and we serve you at your table”. “Order via i-Pay Australia App and its Hospo Safe feature. We are all here to serve you and make you happy”.

Her voice was a mixture of happiness, frustration & excitement. It was just 8 months back that she had to close her shop due to COVID restriction and a truck hit their shop awnings. The double disaster made them shut for the whole 8 months. 

Sanyo was happy that she could use the Hospo Safe Tool offered by i-Pay Australia to record her Visitors Registry.  

“This is the time we save our hospo sector not to go back to the third wave and full destruction” David added. He was also surprised at Daniel Andrew’s “OLD FASHIONED” comments on why the Victorian Government has not yet built up the app or not shown any support towards his small team of dedicated professionals who have to spend thousands of hours during the pandemic to make their Visitor Registry app ready to be used for Free. 

In an open email to the Andrews Government, David writes: 

“Dear Mr Premier 

“Not sure if you are interested in helping our small company with a BIG heart and love for Victoria to have a say in this very difficult climate. We have spent over $50,000 out of our pocket of our directors’ for this app to happen and to protect OUR Victoria including my elderly mother and a young child at home.

We need your help to spread the word, please and do let us be of any help.  


Our Team at Hospo Safe (I-Pay Australia) 

“I believe this is the time where we need to work on things together and to stand as one. If we try to battle it out alone, we’ll sink-in more.” He demonstrated his anger at the Hotel Quarantine Program as total mismanagement. “My team has already got the 1st Free Guest Registry (Hospo Safe) done for Melbournian Hospo Sector, and we will make it live to all over Australia by the end of October. It is appalling to see during Pandemic some foreign-owned companies come and run their campaign in here to charge our paralysed industries up to $29/week for such service and then use the data to squeeze more cash out of them”. “I am an Australian and a very patriotic one who loves to make a change in this life.” 

Speed Food extended their “0% Commission policy for another two weeks since Monday 19th of October for all its Victorian-based Restaurants, bars, pubs. They’re providing a ray of hope to all the depressed owners who don’t want their profits being ripped off and they make nothing and just run their kitchen for the sake of running. They are also working with other organisations such as VSTRUST to support local business in Victoria. In some cases, one partner can get up to $1800 value in services to promote their online exposure. 

Illegible restaurant owners can apply for Online Marketing Grant via VSTRUST website: https://vstrust.com.au/covid-19-grant

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