In a world first, Australian company, MANRAGS, is calling on consumers to send their old, worn socks to them in an effort to reduce the number of textile items going into landfill.

When Michael and Tina Elias put a recent call out for consumers to return their old socks to them for up- cycling, they never expected to be inundated with thousands of pairs of socks. But that’s exactly what happened – in the last 18 days, it’s estimated that they’ve sent enough satchels out to consumers to fit over 50,000 pairs of socks and counting.

Consumers simply need to purchase a $2 biodegradable satchel from MANRAGS, fill it with old/worn/tired socks, and return it to Australia Post. MANRAGS will cover the cost of the return postage and recycling costs, and any consumer that participates will be given a $20 credit to MANRAGS to freshen up their sock drawer.

In a world-first, the used socks will be up-cycled, laundered and donated to people in need overseas (as socks cannot be donated in Australia). Pairs that cannot be salvaged will be recycled into new textiles (ie. t.shirts, underwear, beanies).

  •  On average, Australians buy 27kg of new textiles each year.
  • They then discard about 23kg into landfill. 
  • Australians are on track to produce enough textile waste to cover the surface of Australia by the year 2030!

MANRAGS was founded in 2016, after noticing a gap in the market for premium quality socks that didn’t fall apart after a few wears.

Starting off as pioneers in the men’s essentials subscription space, MANRAGS soon evolved into the only brand to send premium quality socks AND underwear in matching designs to thousands of men around the globe.

By launching with a subscription model, MANRAGS were able to control manufacturing and distribution, delivering their product direct to the consumer. This allowed for better forecasting and eliminated the all too common retail issue of overproduction.

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