Jenny De Lacy is a video marketing strategist, educator and speaker, with 25 years experience presenting to audiences from 2-200 across diverse industries. From sole traders to corporates.

Jenny helps successfully implement video marketing to grow the people, profile and profit of your business.

From generating ideas to bring your video marketing to life, to taming the technology and building rock solid confidence in your business message, Jenny inspires and motivates clients every day to use video marketing to grow their business and increase their profitability.

Rejecting random acts of video marketing, and needing an effortless system to follow to build her business visibility, Jenny developed Lights Camera Lipstick – a five step system that makes adding video marketing simple and easy to implement in any type of business, and do it like a star.

Teaching hundreds of women to use the power of video to grow their business over the last two years, Jenny has built a strong following and brand based on breaking through the fear of criticism, and creating strategies for confidence in your message, the technology and yourself.

A solo mum to three teenage boys, she can be found at co-working spaces and cafes, avoiding taxi driving gigs and crimes against personal hygiene.

Why Jenny De Lacy?

Jenny has been interviewed on line and for podcasts throughout the last 18 months, spoken at national and international conferences, all aimed at improving the lives of female entrepreneurs through taking action to transform their confidence for video and Facebook live. She presents with loads of humour, and high energy, and offers practical implementable strategies every single time.

Jenny is available to discuss:

  1. Juggling solo parenting and entrepreneurship
  2. Creating videos for your business on a shoestring budget
  3. Conquering the fear of criticism for conversational confidence
  4. The four success factors for absolute impact videos

Contact Jenny at The Visibility Coach on 0403 433 466 or [email protected]

Download a copy of her speakers kit here

Here’s a sample of Jenny’s message delivered on video:


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