The 21st November is national #Agday, a national celebration of Agriculture

Each year the average Aussie farmer feeds 400 Australians and 600 people around the world. In fact agriculture is the fastest growing sector in the economy.

So why is there such a disconnect between Australia’s food and fibre producers and most other Australians?

Brigid Price, an organic beef producer from Queensland and founder of Rural Resources Online thinks the answer is simple. Brigid said ‘while farmers got on with the job of running their business and focusing on their outputs, other interest groups capitalised for their own benefit’.

‘Australian farmers are conservative by nature they embody country values and they take personally the criticisms levelled at the industry. In the past most Aussies had a connection to a farmer. Whether it was through a relative or friend. Questions could be asked and answered very easily about farming practices, animal welfare and why things got done certain ways.

Life today is fast paced. Information is not shared the way it once was. The world is connected however, farmers seem more disconnected from their consumers than ever.

Yes, farmers are disadvantaged due to poor internet connection in the bush. But that is not the only reason.

Politicians, activists and interest groups are good at self promotion. They have a team of people studying human psychology and coming up with buzz words designed to trigger emotional reactions. They utilise mainstream and social media to further their cause and they have done a good job.

Unfortunately, Australian farmers are not engaging in conversations with consumers as they once did. Australian farmers as a result are often associated with controversy and negative labels.

#AgDay will shine a positive light on the contributions of Australian agriculture. But giving is a good as receiving.

So I am calling on Australian Farmers and those involved in the agricultural industry to reclaim those country values of mateship, community and looking out for each other. Starting on November 21 get on social media and help shine a light on the positive contribution and impact of Australian agriculture. Share a photo or video with the hashtags  #gratitude and #farmersgivingback.

Lets get the consumers connecting wtih Agriculture again.

For Further Information Brigid can be contacted on: 0439 575 092

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