Lisa knows how it feels to be afraid of speaking in public, as she started out as a shy and reluctant speaker. A life-defining event led her to discover her voice and her purpose which is to help other to speak with confidence about their business.

She meets many people who are leaving money on the table by not having the courage or the tools to be able to articulate what they do and what they offer in their business.

With the right skills, public speaking is an essential part of your marketing toolkit.

Lisa spent over two decades as a midwife; she has a warm, intuitive and nurturing style of coaching. Wherever you are on your journey towards being a highly engaging speaker, Lisa will help you get there.

Lisa is the Founder and Director of Speaking Savvy and Chief Storyteller of Stories From The Heart™. She also leads a ‘for purpose’ project. In 2016, she created a tribe of storytellers and hosts a regular live storytelling event called Stories From The Heart™ (with all proceeds going to Heart Kids).

Lisa is the author of Speaking Savvy: The Art of Speaking and Storytelling. The book is partly her journey in losing her hearing and finding her voice, as well as a valuable resource for anyone wanting to improve their speaking, presenting and storytelling skills.

Lisa offers workshops, in-house training, one to one coaching in presentation skills and business storytelling.


Lisa Evans, MBA is an introvert in nature but a powerhouse on stage. She helps leaders globally to create powerful presentations with compelling business stories. Lisa has a clinical background, and hs also spend many years as a project manager in a health-related role.

Twelve years ago, life decided to send Lisa on the trip of a lifetime. Through this adversity, Lisa has discovered her purpose. In learning to hear and speak again using the amazing gift of a cochlear implant, Lisa now helps others to use the most powerful tool we have, our voice, to be able to speak with confidence, clarity and charisma to audiences any size.

What she loves to do, and does best is to help people discover their unique story and to share that story with the world. Because the world deserves to hear your story!

Lisa is an International Keynote Speaker, Author, Certified Speaking and Storytelling Coach, TEDx Speaker Coach, MC, Speechwriter and Improv Actor.

She has created a framework for teaching business storytelling and has tremendous success with turning scientists into storytellers, engineers into entertaining speakers, helping accountants to find their authentic voice, and many more professionals who have discovered that speaking is an essential tool for any business professional.

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