Mark-Cupples-author-Slim-Businez-smlMark Cupples took two years to research and write the book Slim Businez, which emphasises effective processes to lose weight.
After 35 years of being overweight Mark decided he wanted to develop an effective ‘real world’ system that anyone could follow. When it worked for Mark he knew it could work for anyone.
Using his MBA skills, Mark’s businesslike approach looks for results and ensures as many people as possible succeed in their weight loss journey.

Mark’s research has uncovered the truth about why experts don’t agree on diets and exercise including why business, supermarkets and food companies want to keep you visiting the same aisles that helped you get fat in the first place. Mark lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Mark can cover all topics covered in the book, which include:

Key messages include:

  • 80% of weight loss results will come from the first 20% of your efforts. The hardest part is knowing what to do.
  • Food suggestions are the old fashioned foods of meat, butter, traditional oils, cheese, fruit and vegetables.
  • There was no epidemic of obesity, cancer, heart attack and stroke when people ate these foods pre 1900.
    Controlled carbohydrate eating and exercise is the best way to lose weight.
  • Exercise makes everything happen faster. People don’t exercise because they don’t like it, so start with walking. Walking works.
  • Weigh in daily. It’s easy to do. Most people gain and lose weight every day, not once a week.
  • The most advertising dollars are usually spent on the foods that make you fatter faster.

It also covers:

  • What the body does with carbohydrates (sugars and other carbs), proteins and fats.
  • Sugar substitutes.
  • Cooking styles to lose weight.
  • Simplifications: count calories; fat makes you fat; low GI; and count carbs. Which work the best and which don’t work at all.
  • Four program options to achieve results.
  • Simple recipe ideas.

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