Let us help you with your next story! Media Opportunity Alerts are our way of connecting our journalists and members together for interviews, photo opportunities, product reviews and more.

By creating a callout our members will pitch to you!

How it works:

  1. Journalists/Bloggers/Media Outlets create a media opportunity alert for a story, photo opportunity, review etc.,
  2. The media opportunity alert is then emailed to Media Connections Members,
  3. The Media Connections members respond to your alert,
  4. The responses are then forwarded to you to follow up.

As a media outlet; your name, publication and email remain private unless you put the details in the body of your alert.

If you are looking to send a release to our network or apply for a media alert please sign in or become a Media Connections Member.

Media Alert

  • Location of the opportunity ie: Melbourne, National, NSW etc
  • This is what our members will see.
  • This is what will go out to our members letting them know what you are looking for.