Media Release Ideas 2016 AprilWith the chocolate rush subsiding and that mound of Easter eggs steadily depleting we move into the second quarter of the year and the month that is April. We are in the thick of it now when it comes to school, business, and the media, so now is the time to seize opportunity to get your message out. 

Take a look at our release ideas for April to help you do that!

April facts:

  • The flower symbols of April are the Sweet Pea or Daisy.
  • April’s birthstone is the diamond.
  • The zodiac signs for April are Aries (March 21 – April 19) and Taurus (April 20 – May 20).

10 Release Ideas for April:

  1. April Fool’s Day – This day of revelry presents a great way to liven up your marketing and grab some attention using a little fun. If appropriate, consider a great stunt or promotion that looks so good it should be a joke!
  2. Mother’s Day – We are but a few weeks away from that special day which is all about Mums. Whether you’re a restaurant, store or activity based enterprise, Mother’s Day is a great chance to gain some exposure. Crafts for Mother’s Day are also sought after by online publications.
  3. School holidays – The holidays are here, meaning everyone wants ideas for what to do and where to go with their children. If you have some, it’s time to share.
  4. Footy Season –The AFL season kicked off at Easter and the NRL season is already under way, so if you have a footy tipping competition or stories around these codes, now is a good time to get them out. It also makes safety tips about sports pertinent.
  5. National Youth Week – From April 8 to 17, Australia celebrates National Youth Week. Do you have any youth related research, tips for parenting young people or welfare focused initiatives to highlight?
  6. World Day for Safety and Health at Work – This event falls on April 28, making this an opportune time to release tips for workplace safety or product information.
  7. Tax time – It’s coming…that time of the year when we all begin hauling out our calculators and considering our income and business tax. Over the coming months a host of websites and publications will welcome ideas about the end of the financial year, tax write-offs and tips.
  8. Winter – We all feel it, winter is fast approaching and the print media will be starting to look at winter fashion, recipes and home ideas for the lead-up to June.
  9. Travel – As we head towards the middle of the year, people are beginning to consider taking a welcome break, whether that’s to the snow, the warmer climes of the north or an adventure overseas. Travel tips, products and destination advice are welcome at this time.
  10. Your story – Do you have a story to tell about how or why you started your business, and the challenges and successes along the way?

Tip of the month:

Be open to new media…while television, radio and daily newspapers are considered the big ticket items, there are a host of new media and regional publications which welcome stories, activities and events. It pays to know where your demographic looks and be open to trying the smaller networks. After all sometimes a whisper evolves into a shout.

If you would further tips from myself, journos and other PR minds check out the PR Media and Marketing Companion in the media store. It also has the tools and template you need to plan and write your releases.


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