Melbourne’s newest mindfulness and meditation hub, Mirosuna, has created its own range of in-house aromatherapy oils, designed to support mindfulness practice at home.

Described as ‘mindfulness in a bottle’, the aromatherapy oils were created by Mirosuna founder and professional meditation teacher Sally Kellett as a tool to help people to remember their mindfulness practice when at home.

“One of the biggest problems people have with mindfulness is that they simply forget to practice it on a regular basis. They might go to a mindfulness class, but then forget to put what they have learned into practice when at home, so I wanted to create something that served as a daily reminder.”

“I created a range of essential oils so that every time they inhaled the scent, it reminded them of their practice. Essential oils are also incredibly relaxing, so they’re a fast way of feeling instantly calm, even whilst at work, sitting in the car, or when out in public.”

The Mirosuna oils, available in five blends, have also been created based on the emotional benefits of the oils, and their ability to enhance specific aspects of mindfulness practice.

For example, cultivating patience in mindfulness allows us to calmly ride out life’s ups and downs, accepting annoyances in life without getting angry or upset. The Mirosuna Patience Blend has been carefully blended with lemon, lime and mandarin, which combine to help re-balance emotions, promote calm, and reduce anxiety and stress.

The Mirosuna Intention Blend consists of jasmine, rose and lavender, which provide clarity needed for mindfulness practice and helps soothe and uplift the senses. In mindfulness, Intention draws us to the present moment as we become mindful of our purpose.

Other blends include Generosity, Impermanence and True Self.

Developed in collaboration with a Melbourne-based Chemist, the Mirosuna Essential Oils are all natural, free of nasties and Vegan-certified. Along with their unique essential oil combinations, each blend is weaved into a camellia oil base – an ancient skincare elixir that’s been used in Japan for centuries and highly regarded for its moisturising properties.

The oils, which retail individually for $38.00, or come in a special Christmas gift pack for the set of five, are made in Melbourne, have a Gemstone Roller Ball for easy application, a bamboo lid and botanicals inside.  They make the perfect gift for a loved one, or a stunning way to enhance your own mindfulness practice.

Offering a range of sound meditation, movement and mindfulness classes without the ‘woo’ in a stunning architectural-designed space by boutique Melbourne architect Melanie Beynon, Mirosuna is a one-stop wellness hub that effortlessly blends style and comfort.

Mirosuna is located at Level 1, 18 Ross Street, South Melbourne.  The essential oils are available via

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