As a Naturopath and Nutritionist, Tasha Jennings has always been passionate about helping people live healthier and happier lives, but after experiencing personal struggles with fertility, she shifted her focus to helping couples successfully conceive and carry healthy babies.  

Tasha’s strongly believes that being the best Mum starts well before birth.  In fact she loves the saying “when you were just a twinkle in your Father’s eye”.  Tasha believes, that’s when you start becoming parent.  That’s when you are already carrying all the DNA that has the potential to become your future child.  The nourishing and the nurturing, starts now.

Once pregnant women can spend weeks, even months painting and decorating the baby’s nursery ready for the new arrival, but the most important “nursery” your baby will ever have, is the one inside you.

This is how her company Zycia was born.  Zycia means ‘life’ and specialises in premium nutritional supplementation to promote and support life in it’s earliest stages from fertility and preconception through to pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Including the prenatal supplement, Zycia Natal Nutrients, which is sold through specialist clinics in Australia and has just launched in China.

Keen to further support couples on their journey to parenthood, Tasha founded  Based on her own fertility experience, Tasha was lucky enough to have a background in health and nutrition and with her husband a Cardiologist, they fortunately had access to the knowledge and medical contacts that meant their fertility journey was relatively short, compared to many couples she now speaks with, and they are blessed with two beautiful children. was established to give other people, who were struggling like they were, access to the type of qualified, expert contacts and information they were fortunate enough to have.  With an expert panel of leading specialists, covering all aspects of fertility and preconception health, is a comprehensive resource for anyone wanting to have a happy, healthy baby. has now expanded to include a Webinar Series and Podcast Series where Tasha interviews leading specialists and and international expert guests from across the globe.

Tasha is also the author of two published books The Vitamins Guide (2013) and The Fertility Diet (2013), which are sold throughout Australia, the US, the UK and Canada..

Tasha loves sharing her knowledge to help others as an expert contributor to many major media publications including the Herald Sun, The Sunday Herald, The Age, The New Idea, Cosmo Pregnancy, Yahoo 7, The Bub Hub, Mouth of Mum’s as well as pharmaceutical and medical journals.

Tasha is an experienced presenter, having presented on TV shows including the Kerry-Anne Morning Show and The David and Kim Morning Show as well as radio programs, she has been a key note speaker at pregnancy expo’s and conferences, as well as hosting medical education and public education seminars and now hosts the Conceive Baby Webinar Series and Podcast.

Tasha is available to share her expertise on a range of topics including

  • Preconception heath
  • Diet and lifestyle factors
  • Natural fertility treatments
  • The role of vitamins and minerals
  • Prenatal supplementation
  • IVF support
  • Fertility over 40
  • Endometriosis and PCOS treatment
  • Ovulation and the menstrual cycle
  • Male fertility
  • as well as her own business and family journey.

Tasha also has an international network of contacts available to comment on all aspects of fertility from IVF and Surrogacy to Fertility Psychologists, Doctors of Chinese Medicine, Egg donors and more.

For further information or to arrange in interview please contact or 0417 032 283.


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