Although this new year is likely to see businesses take less time off than we’ve seen previously, January tends to start quietly as news outlets give their staff a well-earned break.

For those putting together their media strategy that means right about now the media is actively seeking interesting stories, many of which involve predictions for the year ahead or happy human interest fillers.

As a result, there’s a wealth of news angles and potential to be enjoyed especially as we mark the transition from 2020 and the year that brought so much upheaval to 2021.

Tip of the month:

Know your strategy – Throughout the year creating a media presence involves both proactive and reactive content, and now’s the time to flag the proactive opportunity. This includes mapping out dates and events which are likely to prompt a media release, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc.

Our Key Dates Calendar is your starting point for dates and proactive angle ideas. If this is your slower time of year, start writing your article and release bank so you can be a step ahead of the media game

News Angles for January:

The year in review

Early January is a time to look back at the events of 2020 and the lessons learned. This year the potential here is immense. 2020 was a year of major transformation and reinvention as people’s lifestyles, workplaces, shopping habits, travel plans, and even homes were transformed by Covid-19.

Now’s the time to clearly outline what exactly changes in your industry and sector, what you’ll take from 2020, and what you will happily leve behind.

The year ahead 

Predictions are BIG in January, covering everything from what technology is likely to do to the state of politics, home decorating trends and more. Making industry, business or trend predictions allows you to stand out as an authority in your field, and the media welcomes these at an otherwise slow time.

Resolutions and goals 

Many people kick off the New Year with a host of resolutions in mind, and now is a great time to add to these goals. Tips on establishing and sticking to goals are timely, as are suggestions for what people should be looking to achieve. 


As the focus shifts from Christmas, attention turns to the education year ahead. This is the time to talk about getting ready for school or university, with tips and ideas that may assist. 

It’s worth thinking outside the box on this one as the education sphere has a host of media potential and many publications put together extensive back to school features.

Topics include:

  • Preparing your child for school
  • Preparing for high school
  • Readying for university
  • School lunch ideas
  • General education articles like learning to read
  • Homework help
  • School social issues
  • Learning difficulties
  • Tutoring
  • Setting up a great study space
  • Swatting up to combat summer learning loss


Chances are, the family budget took a major hit over Christmas, and there’s still a sense of economic instability with government stimulus about to draw to a close.

That makes now the time to talk financial tips for the year ahead.


As business returns to action for the New Year, what are the top tips, ideas and topics that will see them succeed? Again this arena is a big one, ranging from technology to cybersecurity, marketing tips, retail predictions and more.


The start of a new year sees many people reconsidering their career.  This topic is especially pertinent in 2021 on the back of the work-from-home lifestyle of 2020. Advice on changing jobs, requesting to work remotely, seeking a payrise, and revamping your work wardrobe along with general employment news, are timely.

Health and fitness 

New Year’s resolutions often centre around health and fitness, making now the perfect opportunity to discuss both these topics. Exercise advice is welcome, along with recipes, manageable fitness plans, and general health and wellbeing tips. 

Australia Day 

Australia Day is the next big event on the social calendar. It opens up the opportunity to discuss national identity, in addition to Australia Day activities and celebration ideas.

Valentine’s Day 

The end of the month sees us just a hop, skip and jump from Valentine’s Day. If your business has a Valentine’s Day angle, content such as gift ideas, venues, and Valentine’s Day traditions should be going out by the middle of January at the latest.

Some Key January Dates you could write a release around:

1 Jan -31 Jan Veganuary
11 Jan -14 Jan CES 2021
18 Jan – 31 Jan Australian Open
26 Jan Australia Day/Invasion Day
27 Jan – 1 Feb Back to school


For more key dates and new angles around them visit our Key Dates Calendar

One Final Tip:

Help the journalist out – If you’re looking to be the go-to person that a journalist seeks, help them wherever possible. That means providing relevant images or videos with a release where appropriate, and pointing them to places where they can find additional information.

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