Renowned as the month of love, February sees business begin to gear up for the year ahead. This is the perfect month to offer business tips, forecasts and educational content, while also considering the fact that the end of summer is nigh.

Meanwhile, households are getting back into the swing of the school year, finances and routine, making this a great time for a wealth of tips and hacks.


Tip of the month:

Embrace your authority РFebruary is a great time to showcase your authority in your field by talking about what’s likely to happen over the year ahead. This includes trends, innovation, employment conditions and more.

Release Ideas and Angles for February:

Share the love

February is the month of love, with Valentine’s Day on Feb 14. The first two weeks of the month is a great time to be writing and submitting releases for the daily media discussing the history of Valentine’s Day, trends, gift ideas, venues and statistics.

What’s your story?

Now is a perfect time to share an insight into why you do what you do and how your business works. Questions to consider include: Why did you start your business? What successes have you had? Who are your key staff? What goes into your manufacturing process? Or what is involved in your service offering?


At the end of this month many students will commence or head back to university. This makes it a great time to talk about uni life, budgeting, share accommodation, and leaving home. Tips, survival guides and how to’s are all good ideas to base releases on for this topic.

Cyber security and social media safety 

Cyber security is always a big item. This means tips on cyber security and social media use remain timely and also tie in well with Safer Internet Day on February 11.


What are the best travel destinations and tips for the year ahead as people go back to work and look to their holiday plans for the next 12 months? This topic includes tips on saving for a holiday, planning a holiday, travelling with children and more.


February features a host of health awareness days, while health and wellbeing is a topic that remains relevant throughout the year. Healthy recipes, diet and exercise releases are timely along with tips on sticking to those New Year’s resolutions established in January.

Industry and technology 

No matter your industry, technology is set to change it in the years ahead, but how, why and when? Tech and industry is a great topic to get your teeth into with predictions about how technology will change your sector, and what innovations lie ahead. From the rise of mobile retail to changes to Facebook, it’s a topic with a whole world of scope.

Property market 

The end of 2019 saw the property market enjoying a resurgence. So what’s happening now 2020 is underway? Topics of interest include the new First Home Loan Grant, saving for a home, the best mortgage deals, upcoming suburbs and more.

Retail trends 

What’s ahead for the retail industry and how should they be embracing new payment methods, technology and e-commerce in the year ahead?

Leap year Mardi Gras

This year is a leap year and it happens to deliver Mardi Gras in Sydney on February 29. It’s time to talk about all those people born on February 29 and how they celebrate their birthdays. Meanwhile, the Media are looking for stories from all sides of the Gay and Lesbian movement

Some key February dates you could write a release around: 


1-29 Feb Feel Good February
4 Feb World Cancer Day
14 Feb Valentine’s Day
29 Feb Leap Year and Mardi Gras


For more key dates and new angles around them visit our Key Dates Calendar

One Final Tip:

News and advertising are very different A media release is designed to raise awareness about your brand from a news perspective. This is not the place to espouse the value of your product and service, but rather highlight an event, issue or innovation which is likely to interest the audience of a media outlet.


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