July continues the media trend as a big month of headlines revolving around issues like tax time, winter content and economic tips. 

This year these themes are interlaced with Covid-19 recovery, and the possibility of easing social distancing restrictions and interstate travel.

So let’s dive on into July, with tips on where you can apply your attention.

July facts

  • The flower symbol of July is the water lily.
  • July’s gem is the ruby.
  • The zodiac signs for July are Cancer (June 21 – July 22) and Leo (July 23 – August 22). 

Tip of the month:

Tailor your release – If you are sending media releases to multiple media organisations at the same time, consider tailoring the angle and focus to each. Again, it comes down to considering what’s in it for the organisation and how the topic might interest the audience. Then shifting the emphasis accordingly. 

Release Ideas and Angles for July:

Winter Winter remains very much THE big topic at the moment. From winter getaways to recipes, fashion and heating tips, ‘tis the season to warm up, and chow down on hearty foods while pondering your wardrobe and a mid-year break that either embraces or escapes the cold. 

Local travel – With restrictions easing, this month is a great time to talk domestic and local travel, including destination advice, deals, and overseas alternatives. It’s also the perfect time to spotlight regions affected by bushfires earlier in the year. 

New financial year With July comes the new financial year, bringing a host of retail sales along with a fresh perspective for business in the year ahead. This month provides the opportunity to talk about:

  • Tax returns
  • Business forecasts
  • Business resolutions
  • Personal finances
  • Health insurance
  • Career changes

Technology While we’re talking business, technology is a consistent hot topic in the business realm courtesy of new innovations like 5G, the Internet of Things, Big Data and AI. Predictions and tips on what this technology can do for individuals, business, the rural community, education and more are always welcome.  

Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity also remains a hot topic after the PM’s revelation in June that Australia is subject to a sustained cyberattack by a state entity. This is affecting both business and government, making now the time for cyber safety refreshers, business tips and more. 

Retail trends – Retail has endured a rough couple of months, but with physical shopping back on the agenda and a new financial year under way, now’s the time to talk retail trends, tips and changes. 

Dry July Dry July is just one of many awareness events that is held throughout this month (you can find more in our key dates calendar). This is a good time to talk about alcohol consumption in Australia and host a Dry July initiative at your business to profile your involvement. 

Farm safety – Another awareness campaign with great potential for coverage is Farm Safety Week. Held from July 20 to 25, this event is the chance to talk about the dangers of farming, the statistics, incidents and the challenging lifestyle that is living on the land. 

Exams and Schools Many Year 12 students are in the lead-up to their major exams, with trials to be held in the coming weeks. Tips on exam preparation, choosing a degree and careers advice are timely. This year of course, Year 12 students have endured the extra challenge of remote learning.

Meanwhile parents may also be looking to next year when it comes to selecting schools for their child. What tips do you have for school selection or for getting little ones ready to start their formal education? 

Spring – The days may be cold and short but make no mistake, spring is already on the media’s agenda. Now is the time to start talking spring weddings, fashion, recipes and health for magazines and publications that operate months ahead.  

Some Key July Dates you could write a release around:

1-31 July Dry July
5 – 12 July NAIDOC Week
11 July World Population Day
20-25 July National Farm Safety Week
26-Aug 2 July National Pain Week

For more key dates and new angles around them visit our Key Dates Calendar

One Final Tip:

Be interview ready A media release is often just the first step in your publicity campaign, and once your release has been distributed you need to be “interview ready”. That means making yourself available to talk with interested journalists and ensuring you are totally across your planned commentary.

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