March brings us the beginning of Autumn, making seasonal content timely. It also sees many people beginning to prepare for Easter on April 12 and the upcoming holidays.

In the interim, a host of awareness days occur in March including International Women’s Day, while the entire month features a focus on women’s history, foster care and epilepsy.

In fact March sees things really begin to ramp up on the media calendar.

Tip of the month:

Use quotes and statistics – Direct quotes and statistics add weight to any media release, giving them a position of research and fact. 

Release Ideas and Angles for March:


The change of season brings with it a wealth of potential for new content, including recipe ideas, decorating advice, fashion tips and ideas for activities in the cooler weather. Don’t forget the big topics like heating tips, preparing your pool for winter and insulating your home against the cold.


Easter falls in April this year, but the weeks leading up to it are a prime time for content about Easter recipes, decorating, holiday advice and travel tips.


March is Australian Women’s History month and also sees International Women’s Day held on March 8. That makes now a top time to discuss women’s issues now and in the past, covering topics like equal pay, changing gender roles, disadvantaged women and more.


Winter sports like AFL, football and League all kick off over the coming weeks. This lends itself to footy tipping articles, and advice on sports for children.


March brings environmental awareness campaigns like Earth Hour on March 28 and Clean Up Australia Day on March 1. 

Both these campaigns offer the opportunity for business to discuss their environmental commitment and involvement, highlighting issues like recycling, and energy conservation. 

International Day of Happiness 

We all seek it but how do you get it? If you have advice or any tips in your field of expertise about attaining happiness through topics like exercise, relaxation, health, budgeting or relationships then International Day of Happiness on March 20 is a good time to get them out.

School holidays 

The clock is steadily counting down to the end of first term, making this the time to send out any activity-style releases and media alerts for the holidays. 


Traditionally the Easter holiday is one where people take to the road for a quick break or family getaway, so now is the time for some great travel ideas including destination overviews and tips for road trips. In coastal areas Easter is a prime time for boating and fishing, making this good content for regional papers and online outlets.  

Neighbour Day 

For any business representing communities such as real estate agents, strata companies etc, Neighbour Day on March 20 is a solid reference point to put together good content about the importance of community and good neighbours. 

Cultural Diversity

March 20-28 is cultural diversity week, offering the opportunity to celebrate different cultures, lifestyles and how we all work together. It’s the time to talk about diversity in the workplace, your community or region, celebrating the differences and similarities that ultimately bind us together.


Some Key March Dates you could write a release around:

1-31-Mar March Australian Women’s History Month
8-Mar March International Women’s Day
17 March St Patrick’s Day
20 March International Day of Happiness
21 March Harmony Day
28 March Earth hour


For more key dates and new angles around them visit our Key Dates Calendar

One Final Tip:

Respond quickly – If the media comes knocking at your door, respond quickly and work with them to line up an interview time that suits their busy schedule. Often deadlines are tight and the more you work with a media outlet, the more likely they are to come back to you in the future.

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