March brings us the beginning of Autumn, making seasonal content timely. It also sees many people beginning to prepare for Easter on April 4 and the upcoming school holidays.

In the meantime, a host of awareness days occur in March including International Women’s Day, while the entire month features a focus on women’s history, foster care and epilepsy.

Tip of the month:

Think like a journalist – Journalists have deadlines to meet and audiences to please. That’s why it pays to think like a journalist and consider the publication’s audience you are targeting.

Release Ideas and Angles for March:

Autumn fashion and food 

March heralds the change of seasons, meaning autumn fashion, decorating trends and recipes are now in demand. What does the autumn work wear wardrobe look like in 2021, what’s hot in the food stakes, and what are the incoming home and garden trends?

It’s also the chance to talk about different venues in autumn and what they offer – whether it’s a change in menu, a picturesque spot for an autumn wedding or hospitality venues and events destinations that reveal their full beauty as the leaves begin to fall. 


Easter falls on April 4 this year, but the weeks leading up to it are a prime time for content about Easter recipes, decorating, holiday advice and travel tips.

School holidays 

With Easter around the corner, the clock is steadily counting down to the end of first term, making this the time to send out any activity-style releases and media alerts for the holidays. 

Traditionally the Easter holiday is one where people take to the road for a quick break or family getaway, so now is the time for some great travel ideas including destination overviews and tips for road trips (with any Covid border restrictions in mind). 

In coastal areas, Easter is also a prime time for boating and fishing, making this good content for regional papers and online outlets.  

Meanwhile, holidays and travel present the opportunity to discuss safety, whether that’s in the home, on the road or on the water. Safety checklists make great media releases along with tips and reminders.


March is Australian Women’s History month and also sees International Women’s Day held on March 8. That makes now a top time to discuss women’s issues now and in the past, covering topics like equal pay, changing gender roles, disadvantaged women and more.

Mardi Gras

Sydney Mardi Gras is slated for March 6, but this year there will of course be Covid restrictions in place. Mardi Gras presents a great opportunity to talk about LGBTIQA issues, equality and how far exactly Australia has come. 


March brings environmental awareness campaigns like Earth Hour on March 28 and Clean Up Australia Day on March 7. 

Both these campaigns offer the opportunity for business to discuss their environmental commitment and involvement, highlighting issues like recycling, and energy conservation. 

International Day of Happiness 

We all seek it but how do you get it? If you have advice or any tips in your field of expertise about attaining happiness through topics like exercise, relaxation, health, budgeting or relationships then International Day of Happiness on March 20 is a good time to get them out.


Autumn is almost upon us and winter is fast approaching so now is the time for releases relating to winter fashion, recipes and home ideas for the print media’s June and July editions. 

Business budgeting 

Tax time is a-comin’. This means it’s timely for articles about business budgets and end of financial year business investments.

Top 5s 

Quick tips in your area of expertise are a great way to get your message out while offering something to the public, so write down your top 5 tips and create a release.

Some Key March Dates you could write a release around:

1-31-Mar March Australian Women’s History Month
8-Mar March International Women’s Day
17 March St Patrick’s Day
20 March International Day of Happiness
21 March Harmony Day
27 March Earth hour

For more key dates and new angles around them visit our Key Dates Calendar

One Final Tip:

Brainstorm – The best article topics come at the most unexpected times, so note them down in your phone notebook, wherever, to follow up later. 

Then make a practice of regular writing for the month ahead. An excel spreadsheet with topics and their anticipated timeframes is also a great idea to tell you what you’ve covered and where you need to go. 

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