When it comes to busy media months of the year, September ranks high on the list. This month sees a focus on spring as attention also begins to turn to upcoming events like Halloween and Christmas.

In between there are also a wealth of awareness days while the general news cycle is in full swing. 

Tip of the Month

Be interview ready – A media release is often just the first step in your publicity campaign, and once your release has been distributed you need to be “interview ready”. That means making yourself available to talk with interested journalists and ensuring you are totally across your planned commentary. We have an Interview Tipsheet to help you in the Media Store.

September Facts:

  • The flower symbol of September is morning glory.
  • September’s gem is the sapphire.
  • The zodiac signs for September are Virgo (August 23 – September 22) and Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Release Ideas and Angles for September:

Spring – September is all about welcoming in spring, with a focus on diet, health, spring cleaning and style. This is a great time to release recipes, health tips, fitness ideas, home products and more.

Fashion–  With spring weddings and the racing season now under way, September also sees a major focus on fashion. It’s an opportunity to discuss wardrobe tips, incoming styles, and essential fashion items.

School – For 2019 school leavers it’s now time to submit university applications and gear up for final exams. If you have any tips for exam stress, including eating and exercise, or planning out your future and applying for uni, these are welcome.

Mental health – September has a significant focus on mental health. It’s Dementia Awareness Month, while Suicide Prevention Day, R U OK? Day and Out of the Shadows into the Light awareness days also take place in the next few weeks. This makes it a good time to share positive mental health messages, and suicide prevention strategies.

Social September – This month there is a push to dial down the social media and instead focus on face to face social interaction. What tips do you have on social media balance and reconnecting in the real world? 

Health – General health is also in the spotlight over the coming weeks, with Women’s Health Week and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, making it a good time to talk about health issues and healthy living. 

Money matters  Money is always a topical issue, including how to save, budget, deal with financial stress and handle financial commitments like a mortgage. With Christmas only a few months away, now is also a timely opportunity to also talk about saving for the end of year and taking the financial pressure off at Christmas.  

Real estate – September sees the start of spring selling season in the real estate arena, and this year looks set to be an interesting one as the impacts of the election and lending changes take effect. Now’s the time for tips on selling, selecting an agent, marketing a property, de-cluttering and renovating in advance of a sale, and general market commentary.

Weddings – Spring brings us into wedding season. Tips, ideas, venues, budgets and fashion advice relating to weddings are in demand at this time. 

Christmas – Christmas is just around the corner and now is the time to start planning out and even releasing some of your Christmas content.

Some Key September Dates you could write a release around:


1-30 September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
1-30 September Social September
1-30 September Dementia Awareness Month
1 September Father’s Day
2-6 September Women’s Health Week
10 September World Suicide Prevention Day

For more key dates and new angles around them visit our Key Dates Calendar

One Final Tip:

Use facts, stats and quotes Current, reputable facts and statistics add meat to a media release, as do authoritative quotes from prominent members of your organisation. Use these to your advantage when relevant.

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