Welcome to spring! This month delivers a host of topical ideas when it comes to media releases, and of course many of them will have a slightly different focus this year due to the Covid-19 landscape. 

Meanwhile, Christmas is now starting to weigh on people’s minds, along with how they will be spending the summer holidays.

So without further ado, let’s dive right on in to potential news and PR angles for this month.

September Facts:

  • The flower symbol of September is morning glory.
  • September’s gem is the sapphire.
  • The zodiac signs for September are Virgo (August 23 – September 22) and Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Tip of the month:

Make media easy – There are a host of ways to make public relations easy. From Google alerts which notify you of news affecting your industry to simple spreadsheets and calendars that allow you to plan for the months ahead. Meanwhile, have a notebook handy, you never know when a great release idea will pop up!

Release Ideas and Angles for September:


Father’s Day – September kicks off with Father’s Day on the 6th, offering the best opportunity of the year to talk about men’s products, along with arts, crafts and outings (where possible).

Spring The big-ticket item of this month is spring and it brings with it a wealth of content ideas. From fashion to spring produce, spring cleaning and spring decorating, it’s a theme ripe with fodder to suit any business needs. Don’t forget to factor Covid into this year’s spring content ideas, offering tips for those who are looking to embrace spring, health and wellbeing under restricted conditions.

Fitness With spring comes the urge to get outside, bringing with it a little more attention to health, fitness and beauty. Now is the perfect time to talk diet, exercise, nutrition and preparing for a “beach body” with the summer months ahead.

Weddings As the flowers begin to bloom, wedding becomes a super hot topic, with many of the pre-eminent wedding expos and festivals normally held at this time of year. This year of course, things are slightly different due to social distancing and ongoing restrictions. Now’s a great time to weave guidance on handling these factors into your wedding releases.

School This month sees many people turning their attention to education. Exam preparation starts to be a common theme along with school leaver options and selecting the right school for your child in 2020. It’s a great time to talk tutoring, study habits, careers, school selection etc. Again Covid is a factor in this conversation.

Mental health Mental health is a major focus throughout September courtesy of initiatives like RU OK Day on September 10. Meanwhile, mental health is further trending due to the toll that Covid is taking on our finances, our lifestyle and our frame of mind. Now’s the time to shine a light on depression, the services available to assist and how you go about identifying whether your friends are OK.  

General health –  Two big events take place in September that see the spotlight firmly shine on general health. For men, September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, meaning it’s time to talk about the importance of regular checkups, treatments, statistics and screening.

For the ladies, Women’s Health Week runs from September 7 to 11, making it the ideal occasion to discuss common health issues affecting women, like childbirth, breast cancer, fitness, diet, mental health and so much more. 

Social media If your business involves social media, it’s time to put pen to paper – this month sees us embrace Social September. Tips and etiquette are timely, as are guidelines for social media and children, along with urging people to take the opportunity to “log off”.

Christmas Yes, it’s true. We are just a few months from Christmas and now is the time to get your Christmas content ducks in a row. Start thinking gift ideas, Christmas parties, decorating and entertaining because before you know it Christmas Trees will start popping up in your local store. 

Meanwhile, discussion is already focussed on what we’ll be able to do this Christmas and whether we’ll be able to travel, so finding ways to incorporate this into your releases will make them even more relevant.


Some Key September Dates you could write a release around:


1-30 September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
1-30 September Social September
4-10 September History Week
10 September R U OK Day?
27 September World Tourism Day


One Final Tip:

Work out loudWhether it’s planning release ideas or proofreading, there’s value to verbalising your ideas and plenty of tools to assist. When an idea or a even a great potential quote strikes, voice record it on your phone so you can use it when you put pen to paper later!

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