Who here like me goes to events and is waiting for the “big pitch fest”, well that is me too. It is interesting you have either going there for free or even paid to go as a VIP, they still want to sell you into something bigger and better.  I went to one that I paid $97 for the training for and the man swore constantly at the crowd and then told us all that we were idiots if we didn’t sign up for the $5,000 package he had on offer.

I attended another where it was pitch fest all day, yes it was a great day but was so overwhelming I didn’t know who I heard or wanted to connect with anyway.  Another was great the presenter said that not everyone will be your tribe, some will come on the journey others won’t.

The experience I had at Business Authorities event was mind blowing, there was no pitch fest, there was genuine content and value to all 150 in the room. There was an affinity to sit with others or talk to others who had the same values as you, which is very rare at events.

I was expecting the same bs from all the other events but guess what it wasn’t, yes I was being cynical / judgmental before I had even walked into the venue.  Then I saw some business owners that I have known for years were there, it made me let my guard down and my anxiety levels eased.

The start of the day was all about mindset and boy did Stone Gye deliver, he did some exercises that took me out of my comfort zone and I am sure a lot of the others in the room. It really did lighten the room and made everyone settle down and ready to learn.  I am sure his techniques are used widely it opened my eyes to how to do my events. Heaps of inspiration and also practical exercises to use in our daily life.

They then got stuck into the next speaker Greg Roworth, he talked about what legacy you wanted to leave so guess what our exercise was? Writing our own obituary, now that was eye opening. This really made me question my mission for all 3 of my entities and that I need to tell my audience more about Heroes of Today so that I can build up my tribe who love to help children around the world as much as me.

Lunch was a buffet where we got to have the opportunity to network and find out who would be a great collaboration, I always attend events to find out who a good referral is for others (I love connecting), who I could have as a guest on my podcast and TV show, who I could have as a guest speaker. I am always thinking of collaborating.

Peter Engelhardt looked at branding in a different way to what I have seen in the past this time we took our values into everything we were doing and how we were setting our branding to stand out in a crowded market place. He called it the graveyard shift, the speaker after lunch because we have eaten and ready to go to sleep lol.

Next up we needed to turn on our marketing machine, Anna Osherov talked about our messaging and making sure we get it out to the masses. She even gave us homework to day (oh yes I have to still do that). Talking about how you can help your target audience on video and in a blog.

Automation was the next topic, Crystelle Topatan dove deep into a topic that I need to know more about and how much of the business I can automate.  Automation doesn’t mean impersonal far from it, more about delivering the right message to the right audience.  It was interesting to see how it can work for my business and how this can free me up to spend more time with my family and my mentoring clients.

Driving home that night I was on a high from all the great speakers who didn’t sell to me from stage, who delivered great AHA’s and WOW (within one week), things that I can putting into my business straight away.

Getting up the next morning (yep u guessed it, I am not a morning person), ready to drive in a get some more knowledge, more networking and more fun.  In I go with my smile and my notepad, ok my nuts, my 2L water bottle, my fan (bloody hot flushes) and sitting in a new seat with people I didn’t know.

Sales is something I love so much and to hear Jeremiah Sarkett talk about selling to serve was awe inspiring. He is from USA and his accent was so cool, he apparently sounds like Tony Robbins, I think he sounded like Jeremiah tbh.    What I realised was most of my knowledge is in my head and now it is time to set up a proper sales process and script so that my team can do the calls and not just me (automation again).

Scaling is something we all want or do we, Jenny Junkeer did some work with us on this topic. It was interesting as some businesses do want to stay small but me I want my business to be the number one in my industry, I want to disrupt 2 industries, leave a massive legacy and world domination is on the cards.  She talked about collaboration which is a big thing in my businesses as working smarter not harder is key for us.

Antony Gaddie talking about amplifying your tribe, now I wasn’t too sure about this because let’s be honest we all want to have more people in our corner but not sure how to do it right. He talked about having a HUB, this means getting people together that are like minded, don’t compete and  want to collaborate on something.  We had an exercise to do and by the end of it our table had organised our first quarterly lunch.  We want to set this up for our audience too.

Now Susan Dean was one woman I really didn’t know much about at all, knowing she had published and produced over 350 stories WOW it made me listen more.  She was explaining why having your own book or a collaborative book helps you dominate your industry, being an authority, a disruptor does makes sense for sure. She went on about why people may not do it because of fear is one thing well one of the biggest reasons why.   During this time I was looking at about 4 different book titles, getting excited for sure.

We come back from a break to Paul Dunn, I have heard him in the past a few years ago, he was passionate then and just as passionate now. B1G1 is just amazing and shows me why I started my business as a social enterprise and wanting to help others.  They feed, clothe, educate but more importantly they give people back their dignity and purpose.  It is time to be more connected to others, we need to matter, create moments that matter (Paul Dunn said). Be impactful in everything you do on the people around you. More and more business needs to leverage their legacy giving people a wow feeling.

So to summarise it was an amazing event that has really shown me that what I am doing will matter in the long run, I just need to let more people know what we actually stand for.  Thank you to the brains behind Business Authorities Johan Nogueria and his amazing team.


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