Digital Age Lawyers (DAL) is a modern, vibrant law firm which prides itself on being different from the rest. The all-female legal team at DAL really cares about its clients. It breaks the stereotype that most people associate with traditional law firms – that being, unaffordable, legal-jargon-speaking, money-hungry, male-dominated businesses. DAL has four offices across New South Wales in Castle Hill, Five Dock, Richmond and Valley Heights. It provides exceptional services at affordable prices. We call it the Digital Age Difference!

Our Mission

Simply put, DAL is committed to making its clients happy. How does the DAL legal team achieve that? By providing exceptional service and support, giving clients the best results possible, and by charging only affordable, 100% up-front fees. Forget the exorbitant fees per 6-minute interval that most law firms charge. Once DAL gives you a quote upfront, that’s it –No hidden nasties!

Our Specialities

Digital Age Lawyers provides exceptional services in four key areas:

  1. Business – sale & purchase, contracts, digital protection, website legals, Trademarks, and much more!
  2. Property – sale and purchase of property, conveyancing and other property related issues.
  3. Wills and Estate Planning – Wills, Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardians, Super protection, family plans, and more!
  4. Social Media – Compliance, protection and advice.

The DAL legal team has a wealth of experience in each of these four areas. In particular, it deals closely with today’s issues involving social media and the online world. Many people and businesses are unfamiliar with the digital side of the law so DAL aims to help people learn about their legal rights and responsibilities.

Experience the Digital Age Difference

If you need legal services or advice, the team at Digital Age Lawyers is here to help! Call us today to find out more about our services and pricing.

Katherine Hawes
Digital Age Lawyers

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