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Your Investing Mindset

Many people believe the key to creating wealth is by working hard….but unfortunately hard work doesn’t work. Most people are on a treadmill, trading hours for dollars. They work hard and get paid by the hour, but there are only so many hours you can work and only so...

Why ethics in Direct Selling is important

In today’s age of technology and the internet plus social media making people closer and closer from all parts of the world there seems to be a real issue with building relationships.  The copy/paste has become common practice without even knowing who they are...


Brighton, Victoria – Kerryn Powell, Founder of Your Time Matters proudly presents the 2018 YTM PROGRESSIVE NETWORKING DINNER PLUS “WHY” AWARDS , taking place at The Deck, 212 Bay Street, Brighton, on Tuesday 24th April, 2018, featuring six speakers competing on the topic – WHY DOES IT MATTER.

CANOPY – Eco sleeper Pods trialled at Point Nepean

Parks Victoria is piloting CANOPY – Eco Sleeper Pods, an innovative new accommodation offering that will provide a roof over the heads of visitors looking for more creature comforts when camping. Being trialled at Point Nepean National Park between April – July 2018,...

The Business of Motivation: 6 Styles of Leadership

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to motivating your team? Explore the best leadership style for your business. We all know people who are natural born leaders. They're the ones to whom others instinctively gravitate, gathering followers like paper clips to a...

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