PR and Marketing guru Linda Reed-Enever is lifting the veil on the public relations world, sharing all her best tips and insight when it comes to creating successful public relations strategies for business.

‘My Book of PR Tips’ covers all the essential areas of public relations for individuals and organisations who are looking to tap into the power of the media.

From the basics of how to write a media release through to interview tips and working with journalists, the book is designed to guide users through the PR process, and includes prompts on when and why a media release should be issued.

Ms Reed-Enever notes public relations can often seem a complex arena, but with the investment of a little time, business and individuals can employ PR to great effect.

“It’s all about knowing what’s newsworthy, who to target a media release to and how best to frame the information so it gets noticed by the media,” Ms Reed-Enever explained.

“Public relations is an art, but it’s one worth mastering for businesses and individuals who are looking to build their profile.”

Ms Reed-Enever also noted even businesses and individuals working with professional PR companies can benefit from understanding the process involved.

“PR isn’t just about contacting a journalist and mentioning something that might interest them, it’s a strategy that involves building your personal authority and reaching out at the right time, to the right place, in the right way.”

Ms Reed-Enever’s latest book draws on her passion for connecting with business owners and helping them share their story.

She notes every business has a multitude of stories to share, it’s simply a matter of identifying when, where and how.

‘My Book of PR Tips’ is Ms Reed-Enever’s second book dedicated to the art of working with the media, and this latest edition features a wealth of new tools and resources to cater to the modern media world.

Encompassing additional insight into PR strategies like blogging, becoming a media authority and more, it is a must-have tool for business owners and organisations or that perfect Christmas gift for people seeking to build their media profile.

‘My Book of PR Tips’ is available in print or digital formats and can be purchased via Amazon and on Linda’s site here.


For further information or to arrange an interview, contact:

Linda Reed-Enever
Ph: 0433 149 319

About Linda Reed-Enever

As the founder of Media Connections, Business Business Business and the Enever Group, Linda Reed-Enever has enjoyed a lengthy career working with business owners to help share their story.

She notes PR and Marketing strategy was a career which found her and indulges her passion for working with people, networking and uncovering unique opportunities to stand out in the business world.

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