Property Strategist Uwe Jacobs has himself been investing in property for over 19 years and is an author of several books, including “The 7 Secrets of Highly Successful Property Investors”.

Since 2003 Uwe, the founding director of Property Friends, has assisted over 350 clients with property investment guidance.

His ultimate aim is to provide solutions for people aspiring to financial independence, choices in retirement or leaving a legacy through property investment.

Through the Property Friends 7 Step Success System, they provide accurate, independent investment guidance, training & opportunity and mitigate risk.

His experience as a full-time property investor and the Property Friends system has put many of his clients into a secure financial future, to an extent rarely achievable by most.
Uwe and the Property Friends team have a 76% client return rate, which proves that the Property Friends 7 Step Success System is low risk and predictable. This system is duplicatable, having already assisted several families to become Net Assets Property Millionaires in the last 9 years.

His clientele extends from mum & dad investors, from employees to business owners and CEO’s, new and experienced and all of them are raving about their experience and of amazing success.

The outstanding benefit for the clients is that Property Friends has a unique Benchmark for its selection of projects in as much that:  “Only what would be good enough for Uwe & Ulla to put their own money into, is good enough to discuss with their clients.”

His expertise in strategically guiding property investors qualifies him as the Go-To expert in the field.

Some of the topics that Uwe is readily available to speak on are:

  • How do I know when I am ready to start investing into property
  • Property investment for beginners
  • Property Investment Strategy: Growth or Yield – which one is more important
  • Is a Unit/Townhouse/Apartment a better investment than a House
  • Leverage -is it good, bad or a necessary evil
  • Is investing in house and land packages dangerous
  • Why investing into your own neighbourhood is unlikely to be the best location

Arrange an Interview with Uwe by contacting him directly on Tel. 0400 417 043 or email

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