OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith degrees in law and psychology plus an irrepressible urge to solve people’s problems and broker peace between them, Rebecca Carroll-Bell is bringing a fresh approach to conflict resolution. Rebecca – also known as The Everyday Mediator – takes time getting to know her clients, and in the process, helps them to get to know themselves better too. Part coach, part mediator, and all heart, Rebecca creates a safe space for her clients to address conflict, working to uncover the root cause of the problems before focussing on the solution. This approach leads to better, more durable resolutions, and relieves much of the stress caused by ongoing unresolved conflict.

As well as conflict coaching and mediating disputes, Rebecca’s popular internet presence has led to other mediators seeking out her advice on marketing and promoting their own practices. In 2015 Rebecca launched a peer support arm to her business, providing coaching and mentoring to other mediators seeking to gain traction through digital and offline marketing.

Rebecca’s recent clients have included:

  • A sales manager stuck in the middle of a feud between the client and the boss over an inaccurate fees estimate
  • Single and divorced Fathers preparing for mediation with their ex partners over family law property settlements
  • Co-Workers whose relationship has deteriorated to the point where they barely spoke to one another, despite sharing an office

Rebecca is available to discuss:

  • Responding – not reacting – to arguments and conflict within the family
  • What happens when someone is left out of a Will
  • How to support elderly relatives make good decisions, and what to do when they can’t or won’t make good decisions for themselves
  • Managing conflict in the workplace
  • Getting what you want by thinking about what others want
  • What happens in the Guardianship list at VCAT
  • Why lawyers should not be permitted to take over conciliation conferences in the Fair Work and WokCover jurisdictions
  • How other mediators can tap into their passion and align their marketing and promotional efforts with their professional values

Rebecca Carroll-Bell is an experienced conflict manger and conflict resolution expert. A successful litigation lawyer for over 10 years, Rebecca brings her extensive negotiation skills and experience to conflict management and resolution situations. She is passionate about resolving conflict before it gets to litigation. With a focus on workplace and family conflicts, particularly ageing Australians and their families, Rebecca’s no-nonsense, approachable style makes her the ideal person to help you create strategies to manage, resolve and reduces conflict in your everyday life. In addition to helping manage, resolve and prevent conflict in your everyday life, Rebecca provides coaching, mentoring and support to other mediators and lawyers wishing to market and promote their practice on a shoe-string budget.

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