The Silk Road Wars by Frank Spencer is a historical novel covering the Ming Dynasty from 1830 to 1914 and China’s creation of its formidable army to fight off the many and regular invaders. The Silk Roads created a vast trading empire that made China the wealthiest of nations. This also made China the prize other nations strived to plunder. The book follows Chi from an early age who became a General and was a master in the art of war, and his father who was a wizard in designing and manufacturing weapons of war.

It includes the invasion from Japan in 1834 and conflict with Britain’s mighty navy and empire. Many other regimes and leaders attempted to defeat the Chinese without success including King Porus of India, the Gauls, Romania, the Cossacks, the Thugees, the Moors, the Carthaginians and many others.

Throughout the Ming Dynasty the Great Wall was extended and strengthened and a formidable army was created to fight off the many and regular invaders.

Conscription was invented by China to replace the thousands of soldiers who lost their lives fighting off invaders, and a special elite unit was also created.

The book’s hero, Chi, became China’s greatest warrior, a general who was a master in the art of war.

In defending its Silk Road, China fought back with great vigour and although always outnumbered, its superior strategies and weaponry more than levelled the odds.

China invented gunpowder and had cannon whereas most of her adversaries did not. Its greater cunning and ingenuity was also used when it bought weapons used in the American Civil War.

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