Mobile phones, keys, bills, school notes, phone chargers, pens, business cards…. Just think about all the mess that gathers on your kitchen bench, your side table or in your home office. The Space Cube is the must have innovative solution to this problem.

Carol Havener is a Sydney business woman who loves things to be organised. When she set up all the storage solutions she required to hold the necessities on the desk in her home office it took up over 60cm squared and there was no room left to work. Her ingenuity led to the creation of The Space Cube which only takes up a tiny 30cm squared of desk space.

The Space Cube is a one-of-a-kind organisation accessory that eliminates loosing and misplacing key items that you use on a daily basis. Most other desk accessories only serve 1 purpose – yet The Space Cube is 5 products in 1, making it the ‘must have’ functional and space efficient organiser on the market.

space-cube-3-1Made of high quality 500mm clear acrylic. The Space Cube includes:

  • 3 Horizontal paper trays
  • 1 Vertical paper holder
  • 3 vertical side compartments suitable for pens, reading glasses, envelopes etc
  • Docking and charging station for mobile phones and tablets
  • Business card / post it note holder
  • Multiple sized compartments for all office necessities
  • Has a desk footprint of only 39.5cm wide x 23cm deep
  • Sleek and modern design

RRP: $44.99 AUD  Purchase online at

Carol Havener says “The Space Cube is a unique ‘clutter free zone’. Perfect for your desk, the kitchen counter or your craft room, it keeps everything you need at hand without taking up valuable space. It only takes up 30cm squared on your surface yet is capable of holding a large amount of essentials.”


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