red_bkg_21CONNECT CREATE COMMUNICATE with the Write to Heal Signature Blend (pulse point) and Essential Oil Blend (for vaporiser).

The Write to Heal Blend has been created especially for those who seek to open the floodgates of their creative potential. Whether a student wanting to do well in written essays or exams, a blogger, journalist, songwriter, painter or photographer, the Write to Heal Blend will assist one to succeed.

Discover your potential. Move beyond the mental barriers and write with clarity and confidence while feeling calm and grounded. The Write to Heal Blend is the only essential oil blend product on the market that addresses each of the twelve chakras (energy centres of the body) … all in the one bottle!

in_grassManufactured in Australia from the finest grade pure essential oils this blend has been gifted from Spirit and harmonised to 100% Divine love and light. 

Click on these links to learn more read about the Write to Heal Blend or to read about how this blend came to be.

Both products come with a leaflet outlining each of the 12 oils and their beneficial properties.

What people are saying:

Your Pulse Point oil is truly exceptional, not only does it calm me down it also sparks my inspiration.

The aroma is like entering an enchanted forest where anything is possible.  

I’m so grateful to receive this beautiful blend of essential oils… well done, I love it.

What a wonderful complement to your eBook Write to Heal.

Write to Heal and make your mark!

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