Richard Maloney works with professional sports people to help them become injury free and break the negative cycles and limiting beliefs that hold them back.

Whether it’s tennis, cricket, football, netball, golf or any other sport, mental issues play an equally important role as a person’s skill level.

Richard is a leading mental health sports coach who has worked with elite athletes for 20 years. Over this time he has found out what sports people need to do to perform at their highest peak and be injury free.

This knowledge is now available to anyone via a book and app so other athletes and even your weekend golfer can benefit from the program. While the book was only launched last month, it is already an Amazon No 1 best seller.

Richard can talk about the seven common areas where athletes can continually break down with injuries as well as mental health issues. He says that an elite athlete’s highest excitement is performing on the big stage, entertaining the crowds and dominating the game/play. When a player becomes worried or fearful of what other people think, or whether something’s going to happen, they get out of alignment with their true potential.

He said that nine times out of ten, he can accurately predict when an athlete he’s working with is going to get injured.

Richard can also reveal a 5-step process that allows sports people to reach their potential. He can talk about the type of mental issues that sports people are experiencing and how this is adversely affecting their mental and physical well-being.

Two people he has worked with, Shaun Higgins (AFL) and Tiarna Ernst (AFLW), could be arranged to be interviewed as well to give their perspective of the program.

Richard is available for interview by contacting Wendy McWilliams at WMC PR on (03) 9803 2588 or by sending an email to

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