There are so many upsides to running your own business, being able to control where and when you work, who you work with and, even, what you wear.

But when it comes to the school holidays, your options as a business owner and parent be restricted – and add a few more balls to that all important juggle between organising the family and running the business.

Director of Operations at, Mary Tamvakologos, has many years’ experience on this topic, being a mother of 3 and running one of the country’s top online businesses for sale platforms.

Here she takes you through here tips for navigating a successful school holiday period.

Get help!

Mrs Tamvakologos says a lot of small business owners are reluctant to ask for help, whether it be for business or personally related.

“You’ve just got to reach out to your friends, fellow parents, siblings or grandparents if you need help having your kids looked after,” Mrs Tamvakologos said.

“You don’t have to feel like you’re dumping your kids on them, it could be as simple as having them mind your children at your place while you head to a café or co-working space to work for a few hours.”

Mrs Tamvakologos said the school holidays was a time to swallow your pride and accept the offers of help.

“If someone asks if your child needs a lift to or from events or activities, now is the time to accept it.”

Establish a clear schedule

“If you own and run your own business chances are you have a white board or chalk board that you use to plan your day/week/month.

“Use this to map out a clear schedule that the whole family can see. Include everything from

work meetings and deadlines to kids’ activities and already locked in programs.

“Once you have your plan, stand back and look at any possible issues, double up days and where it would be easy for someone else to help out. You might also find quieter times where you can look after or take the kids to an activity yourself,” Mrs Tamvakologos explained.

Let your clients know

Mrs Tamvakologos said it might be a good idea just to let your clients know that you may be a bit pre-occupied with school holiday activities over a certain time period, but reassure them that it would mostly be business as usual.

“It doesn’t hurt to communicate this with your clients and/or customers – they may even be in the same boat,” she said.

“This may even be an opportunity to ask your customers or clients for school holiday tips via a social media campaign to further strengthen your business’ online community.

“You may even want to show what you’ve been doing over the school holidays, by doing this you’re letting your clients know that you’re temporarily busier than usual.”

Find the free options

Mrs Tamvakologos said with school holidays and the EOFY coinciding it could be a particularly stressful time for small business owners.

“Balancing the books, paying outstanding debtors and also trying to fund some fun school holiday activities for your kids can be a challenge,” she explained.

“To alleviate some of the financial stress, do your research and check out as many free events as you can in and around your area. Children specific events are particularly ramped up during the school holidays so find them!”

Make sure to stop and smell the roses 

While it can be stressful to manage business and children being at home during the break, Mrs Tamvakologos urged small business owners to still enjoy the time with their family.

“Ensure that the days you spend with your kids are memorable and meaningful. Most small business owners started their businesses so that they had more control over how much time they spent working and spending time with their families.

“Your kids won’t be young forever so embrace these moments, you can always earn more money but you can never get back your time.”


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