The first step in learning to read and write effectively is to develop awareness of the 43 sounds (phonemes) that form Australian spoken English.

A new set of four beautifully illustrated hardcover story books called Sound Stories by Barbara Murray, provides 43 stories to introduce the 43 sounds to early learners.

This set of books is unique in that it provides a story for every sound of Australian spoken English in the one set of books.

A former primary school teacher, Barbara Murray is also co-author of Sound Waves, a Whole School Phonemic Approach to Reading and Spelling.

Two books introduce the consonant sounds and two books introduce the vowel sounds.

“I designed each ‘Sound Story’ so that delightful, engaging illustrations will entice children to observe, imagine, predict, draw conclusions and create a possible storyline as part of an open discussion with others present, before the story is read to them,” Barbara Murray said.

Each set of four books comes with a colourful box for easy storage and safe-keeping.

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