Spread some joy and laughter this year with Elmo, Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby, as Headstart reveal their top Sesame Street toys for Christmas.

From the new Tickle Me Elmo plush to a Cookie Monster Puppet that’s always hungry for cookies, the Sesame Street gang is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of children, young and old, this festive season.

Headstart’s Top Sesame Street Toys for Christmas include:

Tickle Me Elmo, RRP $44.99

Tickle Me Elmo by Headstart is back to delight a new generation of children – more cuddly, more ticklish and with more sounds than ever before, this new Tickle Me Elmo will have kids laughing along with everybody’s favourite red monster!

The more you tickle Elmo’s tummy, the harder he laughs and wiggles – he’ll even let you know how much fun he is having, with over 20 sounds like “Again, do it again!”, “Wow, that tickles” and “This is fun!” Tickle Me Elmo is as soft and cuddly as ever, and little ones will adore his phrases and laughter as they squeeze his tummy & press his hands and feet!

Hungry Cookie Monster Talking Puppet, RRP $44.99

With over 15 sounds, including “Ohhh me so hungry!” and “Me love cookies!” in Cookie’s instantly recognisable voice, the Hungry Cookie Monster Talking Puppet cuddly plush toy, by Headstart, is always desperate for cookies! Kids can use their hands to move his mouth, and hear Cookie talk and make hilarious eating sounds.

Twinkle Wings Abby, RRP $54.99

Just touch Twinkle Wings Abby, by Headstart, with her wand and watch her wings and dress sparkle! With over 20 sounds and phrases including ‘Let’s make some magic’, and ‘Oh hi, it’s me Abby Cadabby!’, this adorable cuddly plush toy will bring a sparkle to any child’s Christmas.

Elmo Laugh & Play Talking Puppet, RRP $44.99

When you move Elmo’s mouth with your hand, he will talk and make funny sounds! Hear him say things like ‘Elmo is so happy to see you!’, and ‘This is so much fun!’. This adorable plush toy will see little ones laughing along with Elmo all day!

Bedtime Abby Cadabby Themed Talking Plush, RRP $29.99

Perfect for bedtime, this snuggly Abby Cadabby, dressed in her adorable PJs with bunny feet, makes sounds including ‘Ahhhhhh it’s bedtime’, and ‘Alright bunny feet, hop to bed!’

Chef Cookie Monster Themed Talking Plush, RRP $29.99

Chef Cookie Monster reporting for duty! This adorable talking plush, complete with chef’s hat and apron, says phrases like ‘Ohh! Me So Hungry!’, and ‘Me love cookies, you know that!’

Space Elmo Themed Talking Plush, RRP $ 29.99

Get ready for an adventure as Space Elmo, wearing his intergalactic space suit, says ‘Hello martians!’, and ‘5,4,3,2,1, Blast off!”

With Sesame Street’s lovable cast of characters, the Headstart range will bring laughter and fun to any child’s Christmas this year.

The range is available now from all leading toy retailers. Catch the tvc for Tickle Me Elmo, Hungry Cookie Monster Talking Puppet, and Twinkle Wings Abby in time for Christmas.

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