Long-term brain tumour survivor releases book about his survival.

When former elite athlete, successful chiropractor, and father of five Dr Keith Livingstone suddenly collapsed with an aggressive terminal brain tumour, over eleven years ago, his happy, positive world was turned upside down. There were no known long-term survivors of glioblastoma multiforme anywhere in the world at that time. No medical specialist could advise him on ways to get better, or on a proven path to follow, so he found his own way, based on the latest natural health and medical knowledge he could find.

“My prognosis was awful; at one stage I was told I had three months to live, but I am happy and healthy now, eleven years later” says Dr Livingstone, who is now one of the longest-known survivors of the brain tumour glioblastoma multiforme in the world.

“One thing I really concentrate on is enjoying every day at a time, and I don’t worry about a thing; this is more easily said than done, but I find that giving away worry altogether has been key to my survival, along with a happy family life, a lot of gratitude, and the love and support of my wife and children.”

“I also eat very well, avoiding carbohydrates and eating more fats and coloured vegetables, which is very good for brain health generally” says Dr Livingstone. “I often go for a 5 kilometre bush-walk each night, and this is very calming and beneficial. I go to the gym. Being a chiropractor by profession, I get checked each week on a preventive maintenance basis, and certainly I feel this has been of benefit too.”

Dr Livingstone has just released his account of his survival: Staring Down the Beast-How I Enjoyed Myself Well from a Brain Tumour Death Sentence. It details the lifestyle habits and evidence-based chiropractic, nutrition, and exercise practices he feels have led him to surviving so well.


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