With community infections slowly flattening out, now is not the time to ease community standards and believe Corona Virus has gone away.  Now more than ever it is up to all of us to maintain social distancing where we can, and keep our hygiene standards high.

Professional driving lessons were made available to learners again late last month, but the question was raised.  How do you maintain social distancing whilst on a driving lesson?  The straight answer is, we can’t!

Sarah Bruce is the founder of Drive Skills 4 Life, a road safety educator who supports learners with mental health conditions, road trauma victims and NDIS clients who live with disabilities.

Sarah says, “having vulnerable clients in my car is a privilege and it is up to me to keep them and my family safe at all times.  This includes the cleanliness of my vehicle during this period in our lives.”

Sarah keeps her clients safe between sessions with a rigorous protocol that has been implemented before she re-opened her doors last week.

These include:

  • Ensuring all clients wear latex-free disposable gloves, which must be put on prior to approaching the vehicle.
  • Provide their own pen if they’re supplying logbooks so they can fill in all details themselves, Sarah will wear gloves if she needs to complete logbook.
  • Clients will supply their own mask to be worn at their discretion.
  • Reduced timetable to allow thorough cleaning of all touch points within the vehicle between sessions (allowing 30 minutes for this to happen) using disinfectant and throw away wipes. (There are approximately 30 touch points).
  • A disposable rubbish bin for wipes to be thrown away safely.
  • Clients encouraged to cancel sessions, even if they are unwell one hour before session. Sarah will show same respect to clients.
  • Client records, including dates, phone number and times within the vehicle kept for safety reasons.
  • Client must be honest if they believe they’ve been in touch with someone within 14 days that may have Covid 19.
  • Encourage clients to have the app for tracing purposes.

Every driving instructor must be undertaking these protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.  Nothing is worth our health suffering for the sake of learning how to drive.

Have you asked your driving instructor what they’re doing to help keep you safe lately?


Sarah Bruce can be contacted on 0422 765 843 or via email at sarah@driveskills4life.com.au for a discussion, quote or interview.



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