Australian author Karen Turner has returned with her third novel, Stormbird, which transports the reader back to wartime Britain, a place depicted in many of Karen’s earlier childhood memories.
Set in Yorkshire in 1941, Stormbird tells the story of an unexpected relationship that builds between a British war widow and a German fighter pilot, shot down and in hiding, despite their countries’ bitter differences.
Published by Fisher King Publishing, Stormbird represents five years of Karen’s writing life and follows her previously published books Torn (2013) and Inviolate (2014). Prior to this, Karen published a compilation of short stories, All That and Everything, many of which have won literary awards, including the Society of Women Writers Vic Biennial Literary Award, and the Free XpressSion Literary Competition. Stormbird is also currently up for a number of awards.
Stormbird is available for review.

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