Manned Space Flight Tracking History May Be Lost Forever

Help Save the Orroral Valley Tracking Station’s History Through ‘The Final Orbit’

Canberra, Australia: If you discovered that you held the only archive left of a breathtaking moment in human history, to what lengths would you go to preserve it? Philip Clark and Dreamstone Publishing have come together to preserve the amazing history of the Orroral Valley Manned Spaceflight Tracking Station through the creation of his book, The Final Orbit. By launching a Kickstarter, they are looking to raise publishing funds and spread awareness about this preservation project.

This book holds the precious records of the dramatic moments and stories behind the people dedicated to tracking the Space Shuttle. Included are floor plans, equipment diagrams, recordings with transcripts of historic Shuttle transits, and so much more educational information. Orroral Valley Space Tracking Station is now lost forever, preserved only by the pictures, documents, and recordings in Philip Clark’s book. Even NASA doesn’t have this information stored away for safekeeping. If ever there was a time to take a glimpse back into history, now is the time, and The Final Orbit is the book to do it.

Philip worked at Orroral for twenty years and kept a record the entire time. Without him, this history would be lost, despite Orroral being the largest manned spaceflight tracking station in the world outside the USA. Without the Orroral Valley Space Tracking Station, tracking the early space shuttle flights would not have been possible. In truth, the station is now gone, but its story can be preserved with your dedication and love for history

Whether you have always been fascinated by Space, or are just someone who cares about human achievement, contributing to preserving this piece of space history, by spreading the word, backing the Kickstarter, or both, you will be giving a gift to all humanity.

Philip Clark is available for interview, by arrangement.

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