Since crippling tariffs and import restrictions have been imposed by the Chinese Government on Australian barley, wine, thermal coal, cotton, red meat and lobster exports to China, driving many primary producers to the wall, Mike has been thinking long and hard about how Aussies can fight back by not buying Chinese products.

He is now a man on a mission. A mission to educate Australians on what’s available that is not from China. A mission to get Aussies to say No to products Made in China.

Mike has no beef with ordinary Chinese people, who want to live peacefully, looking after their kids and families. His problem is with the Chinese Government’s restrictions that have jeopardised the livelihoods of some our farmers and primary producers.

His strategy is two-fold. Encourage people to say no to Chinese goods, and educate them on what products are available from other sources. As Mike says, “One person on their own can’t change the world. But if the word spreads, and people buy from other sources, eventually a tipping point will be reached, and the results will have real impact.”

Mike knows that many people are unaware of alternatives to Chinese-made imports. That’s why he set up his website, where he provides information on products and their sources in a range of categories. Electronics. Small appliances and Major appliances. Motor vehicles. It’s a great starting point for making informed buying choices to exclude Chinese-made goods.

Mike has put his money where his mouth is, and hopes to start a buying revolution that has a real impact.

Mike Griffiths is available for interview. Contact him on:

Mobile: 0458 183 812



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