A picture of a man's hand writing in a diaryAs an Australian small business owner, you probably don’t take holidays all that often.

The recent string of public holidays however, mixed up with school holidays, combined with a couple of weekends in between, means you most likely had the chance to stretch the legs away from the office in recent times.

Do you feel refreshed? Or are you worried that work has been piling up while you’ve been putting your feet up?

Director of Operations at leading businesses for sale portal AnyBusiness.com.au, Mary Tamvakologos, said taking a break as the sole employee of a small business can not only give you some much needed respite but can actually contribute towards future business success.

Taking a fresh look

Mrs Tamvakologos said one of the key advantages to small business owners taking time away is that it gives them the opportunity to look at the issues within their business with fresh eyes.

“Taking time out allows a small business owner to take a step back and consider any current or potential issues from a different perspective without any other distractions that often occupy their attention,” she explained.

“Everybody needs a holiday to not only relax and refresh but to also ignite creativity and grow in knowledge.”

Clarification of business goals

Mrs Tamvakologos said most owners go into business to get a better life but usually get sucked into the daily grind of thinking that their business must have their constant input.

“Time off offers the chance to redefine your motivation, clarify your ‘why’ and take steps to ensure you’re on track to reach your small business goals…or even reset them,” Mrs Tamvakologos said.

More self-awareness

Mrs Tamvakologos said business owners who regularly take holidays are not only healthier but are generally more self-aware.

“If small business owners don’t take a break from work they can risk burn out, illness, loss of perspective and a narrower vision.

“Work is not the be all and end all, there must be some balance, otherwise why are we doing it?”

The importance of friends and family

“Long working hours combined with the pressure of running a small business can easily strain even the toughest of relationships,” Mrs Tamvakologos explained.

“A holiday provides the opportunity small business owners may need to re-connect and spend quality time with family and friends.”

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