Melbourne copywriter, Di Clements, takes a look at why changing the focus of your website can really improve your bottom line.

Typical website

I bet if you have a website, chances are that it’s all about your business. A headline shouting about what you do. A sub-heading supporting that statement. Then the copy. We do this. We are this. On and on.

But what about the reader? What about the potential purchaser of your goods and services? What problems do they have that your business can solve for them? If you don’t show interest in them, they’ll click to close your website faster than you can say Jack Robinson. And they’ll move on to someone who cares.

Change the focus

Change the focus to them. To YOU, not we. It’s all about the power of YOU – and that power will take your business places.

Di has seen countless clients who talk about what they do, not how they can help a client. “They don’t stand outside their ‘shop window’, their website, and take a critical look from a customer perspective. I help them see that perspective”, Di says, “and then make changes that provide the solutions to customers’ problems”.

Emotional impact

One of her clients, a cleaning company, changed their focus completely after discussing their business with Di. They went from having a typical home page showing a cleaner at work, to an image of a client without a care in the world. The emotional impact was instant. The subtle message is this is how you’ll feel when we’re on the job, and you’ll never have to stress about cleaners again. The content supported this feeling in just a few well-chosen words.

Did that bring in new business? You bet it did. In fact, it’s still pulling in new clients that relate to the feeling – and want to feel it themselves.

Di has years of experience running other businesses, and she brings that experience to advise clients of ways to improve theirs. So if your website is missing the client mark, talk to Di.

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