When you recognize the importance of connection, community and contribution you have the power to create change and make a positive impact.

Kerryn Powell recently launched a podcast focusing  on “Conversations to Amplify and Inspire” with the belief that  real conversations open doors, help to access quality connections, can create a ripple effect through knowledge, informed decisions and recognizing that anything is possible with a supportive network.

In her podcast “The Value of Human Connection”, Kerryn speaks with Michelle Jelleff, a founding director and Chair of the START foundation, an organization that empowers amputees in life through sport. Michelle’s life has been a maze of twists and turns and anything but conventional, not intentionally but rather more of an organic process.

Currently,  Amputee Awareness week,  this conversation is worth highlighting for listeners  to learn  how in 2013, Michelle’s  sister-in-law, Kerryn Harvey, almost lost her life through a cycling accident and became an amputee,  and how it certainly tested the entire family and friendship circle.

The  establishment of START foundation, enabled Michelle to culminate all her personal and professional experience toward the mission of the START foundation who empower amputees in life through sport, by providing grants to purchase sports prosthesis or adaptive equipment, to assist them to achieve their sporting dreams. Sport allows amputees to engage and interact with family, peers and their community without their disability being front and centre. An amputee’s involvement in sport also demonstrates inclusion and assists in dispelling conscious and unconscious bias associated with the capability of a person with a disability. In a country like Australia where “sport” is the universal language, the impact is profound.

Kerryn Powell’s connection with Start began through a co working day back in 2017 and regular conversations have continued to build a relationship. However, like with any relationship, there is always more to learn through purposeful conversations.

Michelle’s career has largely been based within education, particularly administration. She’s worked within both the Vocational and Higher Education sectors in a range of roles. Each role has fostered growth in her leadership, business and operational skills. Every career move has had a heavy reliance on building relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.  These experiences, along with her passion for sport, combined perfectly for the biggest challenge of her life in setting up START foundation. In many ways, it’s the most rewarding role of her career.

By amplifying conversations, Kerryn Powell hopes her podcast will  inspire and transform lives, knowing that conversations can not only connect, but uncover support, identify key relationships, explore opportunities for collaboration and build mutual trust and understanding.


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