Fork-King. Are you serious? Fork-King? That’s damned right. And it was dreamed, prototyped and created by a downright Aussie, Shaun Hickson. Shaun comes from around Kempsey – a town renowned for producing skilled motorcycle riders.

Shaun’s been around the industry for years, so he knows full well the problems you face when transporting your dirt bike from one place to another.

Because most dirt bikes are unregistered, taking them to a race or to some new thrill-filled terrain means tying them down on a trailer or on the back of a ute.

The trip there can be filled with bumps and bone-shattering potholes. It’s bad enough for you in the vehicle. But what about your poor bike on the back?

A bumpy ride can lead to premature wear of fork seals, or worse, the bike coming loose and falling off. And that could leave your wallet feeling considerably lighter after you pay your mechanic.

Simply sit your Fork-King between the front forks, from the tyre to the mudguard. Adjust it to fit your bike, and Bob’s your uncle. The suspension will be tight as a drum.

So what’s Fork-King made from?  It’s Nylon 66 with 25% glass fibre added. Talk about strength when it counts.

How it is different to other fork supports? Well here’s the amazing part – it’s fully adjustable. There are no pre-determined set heights. Instead, it utilises a thread and nut combination, allowing full adjustment for a perfect fit.

It’s taken Shaun over 2 years to bring his Fork-King from dream to reality. He’s put blood, sweat and tears – and thousands of dollars – into the project. And there have been prototypes and more prototypes until the final design was given Shaun’s critical stamp of approval.

Fork-King is available online.  So get your Fork-King now and experience the difference.

The Fork-King support every bike deserves.

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Shaun Hickson is available for interview on 0438 626 406
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